🐦 Top Tweets of the Week

🐦 Top Tweets of the Week

Happy Friday Troublemakers,

Gas prices are bonkers, Apple dropped some mediocre tech and everyone's still buzzing bout' web 3. Since we surprised ya'll with a Tuesday deep dive featuring some of our brightest builders on Kernal, we're gonna tee up a fun one. I whipped together some tweets that are so heavy with gems they don't need a NYT-best-seller sticker to prove it. So, sit back, pause the AirPods and let's dive in.

1. NFTs Aren't a Joke

Alex isn't your average joe. He's the co-founder of Opensea, which controls over half the NFT real estate on the interwebs.

He writes: In 2010, there were ~200 million websites & ~2b users. Today, there's nearly 250 million searchable NFTs on OpenSea, & just a sliver of the internet's users.

NFTs can be a lot of noise. But if you find the pick and shovel opportunities, you'll be a wealthy founder this decade.

2. Follow the Stats and You'll Find the Startups

Steph is one of the wisest writers on the block. If you're hunting for low-hanging startup ideas, she's teed up multiple markets you can pounce on.

3. When Side Hustles Become 10 Too Many

Most people can barely handle one side hustle. Some engineers can juggle 10. Next time you interview someone, double check their not collecting full time gigs. 😬

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4. Capital Grains, Nickelback and Sky High Gas

Commodity prices are getting crazy and memes are here to prove it. If you want the full scoop on why this happening, give this NIA podcast a try.

5. Live Sighting of a Kernal Founder

We don't keep track of GPAs. We just care about the merit of your idea. Share your startup concept and watch what happens. We may just feature it.

That's it for tweets, folks. Liked the breakdown? Reply to the email to tell my boss we should do more. He listens to the readers more than me.  📩

🌱 Fresh Startup Ideas

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Web3 Bootcamp for Lawyers
Getting up to speed on the web3 space is daunting even for the most technical engineers or financial analysts. Understanding terms like layer 1 blockchains, layer 2 scaling solutions, airdrops, cold storage, NFTs, Dapps, DAOs, gas, staking, and many, many more concepts is no easy feat in this consta…
NFT Proof of “true fan” from Spotify wrapped to book concert tickets
Opportunity[What are the macro trends that support this?]Every big concert is booked out by bots. It’s very annoying to real fans, since resell prices are sky high.[How big is the market?]No exact figures, but basically the number of people that go to concerts. I think its fair to suggest that t…
DAO Real Estate Empires
I feel like every time I drive down a block I see a row of empty commercial buildings for lease. Not sure if this is largely driven by the pandemic or by customers flocking towards online purchases but regardless there is empty spaces that aren’t being utilized. What if instead of leaving these empt…
Play-to-Earn Wordle
If you haven’t played Wordle yet, you’ve likely been living under a rock the past few months 😂. The simple word game where you get 6 tries to guess a 5 letter word caught fire early this year. Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle launched the game late last year without much fanfare and had about 10…
Mandarin Toys for Kids
While I definitely don’t need to read Principles for Dealing With the Changing World Order to know that the US is on the downswing and China will take its place as the dominant global leader, the book is hammering home the point quite well and definitely making me think about what the future will lo…

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