🌊 22 Women Making Waves

🌊 22 Women Making Waves

Morning Builders,

This International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate all the innovative women founders stirring up impact in the world. Being your favourite startup newsletter and all, we couldn't pass up the chance to spotlight some of our members. So buckle up, skip your next zoom meeting, and let's dig into the list.

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🏆  22 Women Founders Destined for Greatness

Get your notebook ready. These are founders you want to keep an eye on:

1. Elaine Zelby:

Subscription Running Shoes
I’ve been an avid runner since high school and have always been told the rule that you’re supposed to replace your shoes every 300-500 miles, but who can remember when you bought your last pair or track how many miles you’ve gone in each? Waiting too long to replace shoes can significantly increase …

2. Kat Cole:

‎My First Million: #110 with Kat Cole - Ideas From the Head of a $4B+ Business on Apple Podcasts
‎Show My First Million, Ep #110 with Kat Cole - Ideas From the Head of a $4B+ Business - Sep 11, 2020

3. Amber Mac:

  • ☕️ Media Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, TV Host, writes a weekly newsletter on media you should probably subscribe to
  • 🌱 Quote from Amber Mac: "Success means that I have the freedom to make choices that often include opening the doors of opportunity for others."
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4. Lolita Taub:

  • ☕️ Focused on creating generational wealth for her community. Stealth mode GP. Scout Lightspeed. Founder LaaS. Formerly at the Community Fund and Backstage Capital
  • 🌱 Pitch Lolita your big startup idea here and tell her we sent ya
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5. Alexis Grant:

TheyGotAcquired.com: Wikipedia of 6, 7, 8-figure online acquisitions
Deals in this range don’t get much coverage because they’re not necessarily sexy / VC-backed, and because there’s often not much info that’s publicly released. [Update: We’re building this! Thanks for all your feedback and ideas. You can sign up at TheyGotAcquired.com to get an alert when we go li…

6. Hani Azam:

  • ☕️ Product data scientist at Facebook and runs a non-profit called Delta Analytics which serves other non-profits by bridging skill gaps
  • 🌱 Vote on her startup idea that's focused on helping onboard employees
  • 🐦 Follow her on Kernal, Gumroad and LinkedIn
Employee Onboarding for Small Business
What: A platform to help managers onboard new employees. This means getting your new employee started on their first project, getting them access to their tech stack and assigning them a buddy to help guide them through the first few weeks, to name a few. Why: Onboarding is so much more than admin…

7. Julia Janks:

  • ☕️ Senior Analyst (Trends.co) at HubSpot, Strategic Advisory Manager at Genesis Block, passionate about blockchain and DLT
  • 🌱 Has a startup idea on the need for a subscription electronics platform
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Subscription Electronics Platform for Different Niches (camera/gym equipment/B2B)
Grover is a Berlin-based startup that just raised a further ~$70m to grow its electronics rental business in Europe and expand to the US. The company, which rents out consumer electronics for a set monthly fee, has increased its subscriber base by 50% in the last 6 months from 100k to 150k active …

8. Tamar Weinberg:

  • ☕️  Tamar is a mother of four, author, serial entrepreneur and professional hustler. She's an advocate for self-care and self-love. She founded Tamaressences and is the CMO of Blocksurvey.io (Typeform for web 3)
  • 🌱 Read her startup idea on a social good system to buddy up with elders
  • 🐦 Follow her on Kernal,  Twitter and LinkedIn

9. Emma Salinas:

10. Sonia Chhinji:

  • ☕️ Sonia is the Head of Community at Kernal (a pretty cool startup platform), mother to two and former co-founder of Woodlot
  • 🌱 Checkout her startup idea on NFTs
  • 🐦 Follow Sonia on Kernal, Twitter, LinkedIn
What if brands could create their own Crypto and NFT’s?
What if brands could create their own crypto and NFT’s. This would be a way for the brand to raise $. This also gives early adopters of a brand or product an opportunity to participate in the brand’s growth. OpportunityCrypto is a good way for brands to create and store wealth/assets. This can hel…

11. Ella Reizevoort:

Freelancer, the ultimate profile for more and better opportunities
Have you as a freelancer, ever been frustrated with finding a new gig/assignment, scouting all the platforms, marketing and selling your skills, and again and again filling in forms at platforms with your education, skills and portfolio? And collection reviews yourself? Or is it difficult for you a…

12. Sakshi Shukla:

  • ☕️ Writer, thought leadership consultant for CEOs & Founders, and science enthusiast. She's also got a killer Twitter game.
  • 🌱 Vote on her travel startup idea that originally got 12,000 likes on Twitter
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13. Milly Tamati:

  • ☕️ Building bravely.io, for a world with better mental health from a little island in Scotland with a population of 170 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  • 🌱 Checkout her startup idea on nature and unwinding
  • 🐦 Follow Milly on Kernal and LinkedIn
Human Rewilding - Less screens, more nature, happier humans.
Hi, I’m Milly. I’m in the early stages of validating a platform to connect people with sustainable, local, unique outdoor experiences. Where being outdoors, being offline, learning new skills and prioritising our physical and mental health is the goal. For everyone from the outdoor-curious to the …

14. Monique Driedger:

  • ☕️ MA student, content consultant and writer curious about the intersection of governance and tech
  • 🌱 Up-vote or comment on her startup idea for student learning
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15. Tara Jafarmadar:

Gusto for Impact/ESG Management
OpportunityWe are at an exciting inflection point in society, where several powerful tailwinds are driving a heightened focus on ESG. Employees: Millennials will make-up 75% of the workforce by 2025 and over three quarters would be willing to take a pay-cut to work for an impact-driven company. C…

16. Tiffany Zhong:

17. Auja Little:

  • ☕️ CEO & Founder Beautyocracy, StanfordGSB '21, all about inclusive beauty, social commerce, and community, will give unsolicited skincare advice
  • 🌱 Checkout Auja's startup idea on beauty products for WOC
  • 🐦 Follow her on Kernal, Twitter or LinkedIn
A platform that helps WOC shop beauty products that actually work
Problem: As a woman of color, finding beauty products that work for your skin or hair is difficult. From limited foundation shades to a lack of representation in testing and marketing, women of color (WOC) are underappreciated beauty consumers who are becoming increasingly more influential in the …

18. Steph Smith:

  • ☕️ By day she leads Trends.co which was acquired by HubSpot. By night, she writes books, newsletters and talks about remote work. Our Kernal has a hunch she's responsible for most of Sam Parr's good ideas.
  • 🌱 Read up on Steph's QR code startup idea you can run with
  • 🐦 Follow her on Kernal and Twitter

19. Jennifer Williams:

  • ☕️ Actuary & Entrepreneur
  • 🌱 Read more about her startup idea titled Tinder for deal-flow  
  • 🐦 Follow Jennifer on Kernal

20. Crystal Widjaja:

  • ☕️ Sequoia Scout, EIR at Reforge, ex-SVP Growth/BI at Gojek
  • 🌱 Vote on her chrome bookmarking startup idea someone is running with
  • 🐦 Follow Crystal on Kernal, Twitter or LinkedIn

21. Camellia Yang:

  • ☕️ Content Creator, Multicultural Marketing & Communications, Web 3 & Crypto Investor
  • 🌱 Checkout her startup idea on a RSS feed for key influencers
  • 🐦 Follow Camellia on Kernal or Twitter

22. Lucy Lei:

  • ☕️ Product Manager, exploring the Blockchain Tech space, Culture & Community Manager, CAPM.
  • 🌱 Checkout what Lucy and her team are building at Rumor Avenue
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Thanks to these 22 founders, builders and investors that make our startup world stronger.

We feel honoured to be a part of your journey and look forward to featuring more women in our community. 🙌

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