Part 3: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (for real)

This is part three of our Startup Quick Start series for helping entrepreneurs launch their next startup.

Watching you build a kick-ass startup idea gets us jazzed up. Wanna know why? B/c there are so many founders that give up.

They lose steam, they get down on themselves and they throw in the towel. Well, we’ve got news for you. If there’s anything Squid game taught us, it’s that when the going gets tough you gotta build a team and carry onwards. 💪

A co-founder picks you up when you fall down. A co-builder fills knowledge gaps where you strike out. And as a team, you’re that much closer to ringing the bell @ NASDAQ. Ya feel?

So here are our best hacks to find a co-founder for your startup idea:

📌 Use this invite code to sign up for Indiehackers to meet other builders in your niche
📌 Check out CoFoundersLab to see who’s looking for projects to join that you can flag
📌 Join 50,000 others at TechTO to read weekly updates on new founders searching for gigs


•  Set your idea to “looking for team members” by clicking here and tweet it out (tag us too)
•  When you’ve got the right match, add your dream team member to your Kernal idea

What do ya say? Not a bad way to keep the idea moving. Keep us posted on how you’re liking these emails.

Tweet us if you need any help find top-tier talent. 👋

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