Part 5: Why You Gotta Walk Before You Run

This is part five of our Startup Quick Start series for helping entrepreneurs launch their next startup.

Our boi Tony Robbins (not yet on Kernal but maybe soon) is often quoted about his rigorous daily routine. With a demanding travel schedule and limited cell service on his private jet, he has to make the most impact with the time he has.

This is just like you. As a startup founder, you need to put the best systems in place to maximize every interaction. Part of that means learning to walk before you run.

Before MJ was starting line-up at the NBA Finals, he had to shoot hoops Monday at 6am when nobody cared about him. Before you make it big with your startup idea 🤞, you’ve got test your startup idea with a MVT: a minimal viable test.

In an MVT, you’ve gotta:

1. Nail what your customers care about most
2. Ship the first “duct-tape” version of your product
3. Show your work-in-progress solution to your early customers

With these steps, we’re confident you’ll be ready to make the next jump to building your MVP.


•  Sketch a design or build an early prototype of what your users want
•  Email us to share the MVT you’ve developed for a newsletter feature
•  Post your idea in a progress update for feedback on Kernal

Part of being a startup success is enjoying every step of the journey. Even though your Twitter audience and TechCrunch writers won’t care till you’ve fundraised VC capital, know that you’re Kernal community is with ya from Day 1.

Go get ‘em fam. 👊

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