Part 6: Captain, It’s Time to Ship Your MVP

This is part six of our Startup Quick Start series for helping entrepreneurs launch their next startup.

There’s wind in your sails and treasures up ahead. Your market test has been a success and you’re confident to keep navigating these choppy waters. 🌊

Well, unlike Leo and the Titanic, this puppy ain’t going down anytime soon. So let’s ramp up the action shall we?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to ship your MVP. For new Kernalers, that’s startup language for Minimal Viable Test. Basically an early stage look at what your startup would solve for the target customer.

So, here’s our list of goodies to build an MVP:

🛠 Use no-code platforms like Bubble to build a MVP for early users
🛠 Leverage spaces like Ghost to get content live for your audience
🛠 Webflow or Squarespace lets you toss up a website to lure sign ups
🛠 Shopify, Canva, and let you build walkthrough sites
🛠 And there’s plenty more.

The important thing is that you pick one and start. Dig into it and make something happen.


• Post another progress update on Kernal
• Update the cover photo of your Kernal idea with a classy screenshot?
•  Tweet it out, share it on Indiehackers and text it to your fam/friends for input

We’ll be waiting ready to intro you to investors tomorrow. For real, we got a bunch of investors licking their chops for early-stage deals.

Thoughts? Questions? Tweet us.

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