🔎 Part 1: How to Find Your Next Startup Idea

You finally did it. You’re officially a Kernaler - a builder, operator and visionary destined for startup greatness.

And whether it was a nagging startup friend or our edgy newsletter that got you here, we’re glad you made it.

Now let’s quit the small talk and get to buildin’. Wanna know the hardest part about building a startup?

Finding the right idea that needs solving. Countless lost souls spend days building in their basements for Mark Cuban to tell them years later in front of the world that their idea’s a piece of shit. At Kernal, we do the opposite. 👀

We give you the space to share your napkin startup idea. Then our community of founders and investors chip in with their ideas to make it stronger. Then within a couple of weeks, you’ve got a ripe startup idea ready for take-off. 🚀

To help you find a startup idea that’s worth building, here’s a list of resources to browse:

  • Trends is run by Kernal members Sam and Steph. It’s a community of 15,000 entrepreneurs that riffs on the top trends to build a business in.
  • Opportunities.so is another great corner of the internet to find the lowest hanging fruit to snag and build a startup idea from.
  • Trends.vc is a weekly market research newsletter for ~50,000 busy founders that want the latest insights on places to pounce.

Now that you’ve got a gameplan, here are the next steps:

  • Spend an hour doing some research on the tools above
  • Browse, claim, or join a startup idea on Kernal to see what concepts exist
  • Ask for us on Twitter @Kernal_ideas if you’ve got any q’s as you start digging

Happy Building! More advice to push forward your startup idea will be in your inbox tomorrow.

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