Part 2: “Major Keys” to Validate Your Startup Idea

This is part two of our Startup Quick Start series for helping entrepreneurs launch their next startup.

SkyWalker had Yoda. Potter had Dumbledore. Katniss had tipsy Haymitch. For founders, we have a guide as well. But it’s a rule. One rule that NEEDS to guide every step of your startup execution. That golden rule is:

“Don’t build something nobody wants”.

In Kernalville, this golden rule is a light post in our town. It stands high for the whole world to see. So when someone asks for feedback on their startup idea, the golden rule accompanies the conversation with wholesome intent.

To welcome you into how we think, we wanna share our 5 Keys to validate any startup idea:

🔑 Identify your tribe: Use tools like to map out your target community
🔑 Qualify their problem: Use sites like Google Trends + to snoop the search vol
🔑 Have real conversations: Send some Twitter DMs, build a Typeform or pick up the phone
🔑 Get feedback from experts: nerd out on pods and find domain leaders to get input from
🔑 Map out your findings in public: publish your findings on Kernal so it’s easy to read and easy for investors to get hooked on the problem your startup idea’s solving.


1. Publish your first startup idea on Kernal: now that you’ve done the heavy lifting, turn your 5 keys into a startup idea Kernal idea.
2. Send the idea to a couple friends to ask for feedback
3. Grab a glass of something special tonight to celebrate 🍷

Bonus: here’s a free template Alexis Grant used to kickstart her startup idea. With her validation process, she built an email list of 600 people and her idea’s now sprouted to 🌱

Now it’s your turn to go out there and make a ruckus for all the right reasons.

We’ll be back soon w/ some startup gems.

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