🀫 5 Founder Frameworks to Save

🀫 5 Founder Frameworks to Save

Morning Builders,

This week ripped by. We're still catching our breath from your responses to our big update last Friday. The TL;DR? Ya'll are eager to see us build web 3 functions into Kernal. Thank you to the ~100 of you that sent emails, DMs and texts. Your energy was contagious and we can't wait to build this with you. From hiring requests to discord signups, we couldn't be more excited about what's ahead. πŸš€

Today's line-up:

  • 5 ideation frameworks to apply
  • Fresh startup ideas and builder updates
  • Headlines to drop at this weekend's date night

Let's get on with the show. πŸ₯

🀫 5 Startup Frameworks to Borrow

Jakob Greenfeld, a fellow Kernaler, is constantly riffing on ideas. We were drawn to a framework he uses to generate ideas and thought it was too fire not to re-share. Here's a summary swiped from his latest newsletter.

Wanna know how to brainstorm startup ideas that are hiding in plain sight? Follow this process:

  1. πŸ“ Create a list of all products, apps and services you swear by
  2. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Write down where you locate them on the value prop axis below
  3. πŸ’­ Ask "what would happen if I moved the idea one or two-axis"?

Scarcity vs. Abundance

  • Not many people have this, so it must be good. (private limo)
  • Everyone has this, so it must be good. (uber)

High vs. Low Friction

  • Reduce friction at all costs. (5-sec login process via google)
  • Introduce friction on purpose. (require leads to apply on waitlist list.)
Example: Slow - a delayed checkout experience to prevent impulse buys

Cheap vs. Expensive

  • Charge a high price, so it’s reassuringly expensive. (Michelin star food)
  • Make it cheap, so it’s an amazing deal. (chipotle)

Best Practices vs. Unfair Advantages

  • Implement practices that everyone’s doing. (DTC)
  • Implement practices that no one’s doing. (red bull)

Perfect vs. Unique

  • Customers get the same perfect result every time = Starbucks
  • Each result/product is unique = whale watching tours
Example: 99% hate FB ads. Not marketers. They want to improve their craft. Turbo Ad Finder has 30k+ users for that exact reason.


  • Pick a startup idea
  • Apply one of the frameworks
  • Update your Kernal idea and ping us a note to get it featured

Easier than stealing candy from a baby 🍭

Have a newsletter, podcast or quote you'd like featured? Message our team for the next issue.

✨ Startup Ideas You Missed

Here are some of our top ideas from the week. Click on the ones that interest you to give an up-vote or comment for the founder:

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πŸ”¦ Build in Public Updates

  • Jon Cowley updated a slick gif to his zapier startup idea. Whatifi is for CFOs, Founders and decision makers navigating the best scenarios to scale their business models. DM him here if you want a demo.
  • Matt Johnson is running with Elaine Zelby's startup idea: Startup SaaS Bundle. In a Jan 14 update, he pivoted the startup focus to more of a DAO tooling project. He's writing the white paper now and welcomes Kernalers to reach out if they'd like to get involved.
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πŸ“° Headlines to Drop on Zoom

  • β˜•οΈ GM means more than good morning. Read what else it signals Β 
  • πŸ‘€ Need more meme firepower? Checkout MemeDB
  • Satya Nadella copped a $69B acquisition, it's largest in history:
  • 🏑 Airbnb's CEO is living out of Airbnbs for the next while
  • ⚑️ Shaan Puri is writing a new daily email on crypto news
  • 🎧 Alexis and TZ chat with Farokh about community building
  • πŸ’― Best database of copyrighting examples for your landing page

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