🎺 Your New Favourite Media Founder

🎺 Your New Favourite Media Founder

Happy Friday Builders, ☕️

Ever wanted to launch a social network? You're not alone. And neither is Dorsey, Spiegel and Zuck. Former USA President Mr. Donald Trump has tweeted told press he's launching a media company called TRUTH social. Wanna test it out? Get in line for the beta version launching next month. Sadly, none of you have sent him a Kernal invite so fingers crossed his startup idea is validated. 🤞

Today's lineup:

  • Pin the Tail on Pinterest
  • Our Brand New Feedback Portal to Test Out
  • Free PR Giveaway with our Friends at Smoothie

Low on startup fuel? Here's a refill: ⛽️

💰 PayPal Slides into Pinterest DMs with $45B

Not a week goes by w/o our team raising our brows on another acquisition deal. This week's culprit? PayPal. They're eyeing up Pinterest for an easy $45 B e-transfer. Just another day in the office for these kids.

"But Kernal, PayPal isn't in interior design" – Hold our beer – They may not be the most active pinners on the block, but you can bet your bottom dollar they want a position in the skyrocketing e-commerce space. Pinterest would give them:

💸 Incredible digital real estate for ad revenue
💸 Prime foothold in the growing e-commerce space (4.2 trillion U.S)
💸 Major clout and positioning in front of Pinterest's 450M monthly users

👑 We want your feedback

Feedback makes the startup world go round. Just like cash, feedback is critical to staying alive in startup land. If no one likes your hamburger recipe, you won't get any sales. If you're not listening to your customers, you're in danger of building a product no one cares about. So, to stay in better touch with our favourite users – aka YOU – we're launching a feedback portal.

  • You are opening up this newsletter on your precious Friday morning
  • You are posting your valuable startup ideas
  • You are spreading the word about Kernal

Now we wanna work our butts off to make this a space you love and bookmark on your home page. 🙏 To make sure we follow through on that, we've launched our feedback portal where you can:

🏁 Make suggestions on how we can improve Kernal
🏁 Vote on the suggestions you'd like to see
🏁 View what's on deck for Kernal product drops

Test it out by sharing or voting on the suggestions that would make Kernal a destination that you return to every day. Remember, if you're opening this newsletter, we want your input. Without you, there's no Kernal. So cast your vote!

🥤 Smoothie Startup Contest

Want some free PR? Keep reading. We've partnered with Smoothie to bring you a startup contest to get more eyeballs on your startup idea.

Smoothie is a free newsletter that sends founders startup ideas through visual storytelling. Since Kernal is a platform for startup ideas, we put 2 and 2 together and teamed up for a giveaway.

The Reward?

  • Top winner gets their idea "Smoothied" (spun into a visual asset like this)
  • They'll also win front-page PR to investors/founders in both newsletters (10,000+ readers)

How Do I Win?

✅ Make a Kernal account and submit a startup idea dated Oct 22-Oct 28, 2021.
✅ The idea with the MOST upvotes wins the bag.

It's that simple. Pitch your startup, score free PR.

Vote and comment on our top ideas of the week

Gamify budgeting - Redeem points and spend locally
Know what to spend, exactly where you are. e.g. Walk into Starbucks - know you can spend $13 there to stay on budget. Swally then rewards you for your good spend - redeem those rewards with local shops. Stay in budget and support your community. + an increase in your Credit Score whenever you sta…
Advice I would give my 18yo self
There are plenty of things we would have done differently in the past, if we had the knowledge of today. We all make mistakes in life. Most of these mistakes are “good” in the sense that they teach us something important and the damage caused is typically small. Other mistakes had a bigger impact t…
Easiest path to $3k / month: niche newsletters - either ad-based or paid subscriptions
I’ve recently realized that the easiest/fastest/cheapest way to start making $3000 a month is: a newsletter. You see, “Everyone has a newsletter” but too few are: a) consistentb) monetizing I’ve recently bought quite a few newsletter ads doing marketing for AppSumo, but many newsletters’ invento…
Custom On-Hold Music/Podcasts for Boring 1-800 Calls
Anyone that reads this idea is free to run with it and go build something. The world needs better on-hold music and entertainment. TL;DR: on hold music that plays a song you like or podcasts you want to hear, then pings you when your on-hold phone call is ready. I was on hold with RBC Bank for 90 …
Netflix for Mature Comedy Content by Jason Calacanis
This idea was originally shared by Jason Calacanis in the All In Podcast [episode 50] OpportunityDarker humour may not be safe for all audiences on family platforms like NetflixNetflix has grown to 250M members/mo that pay $8 for a great serviceOpp: creating a private subscription option similar…

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Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend.

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