🎥 Video Drop & Messaging Feature

🎥 Video Drop & Messaging Feature

Got a creative block bigger than the ship blocking the Suez Canal? Let’s get you some fresh startup ideas to change that. Take a browse below at our newest updates on the platform and 5 ideas that’ll make you wanna jump aboard. 🚢

New Members:

🆕 Watch out for these new faces riffing on startup ideas: Milun Tesovic (Expa Partner, $150M raised to date) DRock (Creative Director for GaryVee — p.s. tell him we sent an invite!), and Emmanuel Straschnov (Bubble Founder).

⚓️ We’re just about to sail past 1,700 beta users and have 367 startup ideas on deck! We’ve also been making waves securing a new partnership with Trends.vc. Keep an eye out for their founder on the platform.

Product Updates:

✨ With great power, comes great responsibility. Early access has been granted to a group of early keeners that are testing out the messaging feature on Kernal. Want in on the fun? Let us know

💼 Searching for a co-founder or team member? Reply to this email and we’ll get the word out in our next newsletter.

📹 Since so many of you loved our Kernal Gif, we got the band together and made a welcome video for new users. We’re no Steven Spielberg, but we hope you like it.

🏆 Creator of the Week

Round of applause this week for Elaine Zelby 👏 She’s been an idea machine with 17 startup ideas on the platform 🤯 Her highest ranking concept was the Startup SaaS bundle. Want to see more of her work? Subscribe to Elaine’s “3 Things” newsletter.

Wanna invite a founder to the Kernal community? Send them an invite code here.

As promised, your fresh 5 of the week:

Influencer-Run Venture Fund

by Dru Riley

Make influencers GPs and LPs. Code is being commoditized. Proprietary distribution matters more than ever.1. Align influencers’ long-term… Read more

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Chrome Plugin for Calm: track my activity and recommend breaks

by My First Million

As mentioned in MFM podcast #163, the opportunities and riches in Chrome plugins are untapped. What if there was simple way to turn a great need into a simple… Read more

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Pitch Deck Consulting for Founders

by Vic

Problem: Founders struggle putting together a pitch deck that clearly and logically communicates their business. It’s not a matter of finding a template to follow… Read more

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Video Content Aggregator for Creators

by Harrison Remler

Creators moving at scale are lacking the tools they need to fulfill the content demands of their fans. Imagine an athlete influencer… Read more

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Auto-text reminders for important moments

by (our very own) Joel Hansen 🤩

I often forget important birthdays, anniversaries and milestones when I’m on the go. I have some events that I get alerted about on FB, but I find there’s… Read more

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