💥 Hitting 1,000 Users & What We're Learning

💥 Hitting 1,000 Users & What We're Learning

We’ve got some fun news! We’ve passed 1,000 users, witnessed our first Kernal product and seen new signups from VCs! 🎉

Member Shoutouts:

👀 We’ve also got some new power profiles on the site. Don’t be shy, say hello and lookout for new ideas from Josh Constine (Signal Fire Investor), Crystal Widjaja(Sequoia Scout) Bilal Zaidi (Creator Lab Founder) and Dharmesh Shah (Hubspot Co-founder).

➕ User count scaled to 1200+ beta users and we’ve approved 300+ killer startup ideas. Keep ’em coming!

Success Story:

📰 Daniel Mitchell shared a Kernal idea titled Newsletter Digest Service. After getting 14 upvotes and 10 comments from you readers, he set up individual chats with 4 of you then built out an MVP called Digestr. Check it out here and let him know what you think!

Product Updates:

🔥 We’ve updated the main feed to showcase Hot ideas, so you can see what’s trending on Kernal

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✨You asked and we delivered. You can now see who would use, pay for, build or invest in your idea.

💬 We’ve heard your feedback and we’re exploring ways to connect multiple users that are interested in the same idea. Tweet us your suggestions!

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As promised, your fresh 5 ideas of the week:

Michael Jordan House Museum

by My First Million

According to a recent video by Shaan Puri, Michael Jordan’s house has been for sale for a decade and no one’s bought it. Recently the 56,000 sqft home moved from $29 million to $12.9 million… Read more

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Social good system to buddy up elders with younger people to get them vaccination appointments (US)

by Tamar Weinberg

This is a time sensitive idea, and perhaps not something you’d necessarily want to monetize, but it may be helpful for the brownie points. I am aware of many elders in my community (NY) and even my in-laws… Read more

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Help adults take better care of their elderly parents from afar

by Jonny Goodwin

LifeAlert needs reinvented. Integrate with Fitbit, Apple Watches, and sensors to track an elderly persons data points and see if they need help… Read more

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Yelp for food delivery, with reviews by dish

by Josh Consitne

Traditional food review sites are focused on ratings for whole restaurants, not specific dishes, and on ratings of the IRL experience, not the food delivery… Read more

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Non-alcoholic Single Serve Cocktails

by Kush Kapila

We’ve seen the growth of non-alcoholic beer, both craft (Athletic Brewing) and non-craft (Heineken) but there doesn’t seem to be anyone really taking on the non-alcoholic craft… Read more

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