🐦 Twitter Account & New Startup Founders

🐦 Twitter Account & New Startup Founders

Welcome back for another idea round-up! Since some of you had a short work week, we kept today’s update brief. Here are some updates and a look into 5 popular ideas shared on Kernal this week:

👋🏼 A warm welcome to some new folks on the platform including Brian Scudamore (O2E), Amber Mac (Authour), and Lyndon Cormack (Herschel Supply).

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As promised, your fresh 5 ideas of the week:

Sorry, we’re not OPEN. We’re NEPO

by Lyndon Cormack

I have always hated generic OPEN signs. People work hard building their shops, restaurants, and businesses, and they spend countless hours and extensive capital creating spaces, then they hang a generic OPEN sign at the front door…. Read more

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LinkedIn for Highschool/College students

by Aoi Senju

LinkedIn is only used for post-grad activities today, but HS students and college students need guidance too, such as for finding internships, deciding what to study, where they can should apply to college, what resources are available… Read more

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Micro Schools

by Rohun

People pay up to $30k per year for their kids to go to private school. Instead, find groups of 5–10 families and have them put up $10k — $20k each and have a teacher come to their home to teach their kids. Smaller class sizes & higher-touch teaching… Read more

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Advanced email client for celebrities/influencers

by Corey Haines

People like James Clear and Tim Ferriss get tons and tons of email that they have to process and that’s difficult to delegate. All email clients are built for “normal” people. Even Superhuman is just a minor step up from gmail… Read more

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CARFAX for homes — know what’s right and wrong before you make an offer on a home

by Brian Davis

We have the home inspection process backwards. Traditionally, a buyer likes a home, makes an offer, and then has a short amount of time to see if that offer was a good idea in the first place via the inspection. Everyone — buyers and sellers — actually want the benefits of the inspection happening *before*… Read more

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Till next week!

The Kernal Team