🔥 Hot Discussions: Accountability, AMAs & Advice

🔥 Hot Discussions: Accountability, AMAs & Advice
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From Accountability, and AMAs to advice, Kernaler's are jumping into these hot discussions today:

Looking for insights on up-and-coming trends to capitalize on for a new business? Dive into our AMA with Dru Riley ⤵️

I’m Dru Riley, founder of Trends.vc, and I’ve spent 3,000+ hours researching business models and marketing strategies. AMA by Dru Riley on Kernal
Hey Kernalers! 👋 I spend my days building Trends.vc, a community and newsletter for 50,000+ founders. We hit #1 product of the month on Product Hunt and have readers that find co-founders and launch new products because of what we write each week. Aside from Trends.vc, I love exploring econ, de…

If you're just getting started but need some help with staying accountable, check out this thread on our new Accountability Group 🎳

First Accountability Meeting - Let’s tackle User Acquisition by Blake Stewart on Kernal
Today, five of us met to discuss our startup ideas, current challenges, and goals for the future. We have common challenges around user acquisition, retention, and pricing structure. If anyone in the Kernal community has expertise in these areas, we would appreciate your advice, and invite you to ou…

Are distractions getting the best of you? This thread shares some hot tips for productivity and focus. Share your hot tips 🎯

What tips, tools or techniques do you use to stay productive and focused? 🙉 by Paul Donnelly on Kernal
I struggle with common distractions (notifications, emails, browsing) on a good day, and even more so when working from home (pets, deliveries, etc). I have 4 email accounts, 3 calendars, and use multiple tools like Gsuite, Keep, Notion, Slack, Calendly, and more, but they often add to the chaos rat…

Stuck on what idea to build? Stan shared a great resource list of the fastest-growing software categories, check out the Spreadsheet below  ꜜ

List of the fastest-growing software categories. by Stan Rymkiewicz on Kernal
Hey Kernals! I spent the last couple of months researching the best markets to build a SaaS. Feel free to grab my spreadsheet for free. https://www.spysaas.com/

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