📚 Tinder for Books & Apps for Goals

📚 Tinder for Books & Apps for Goals

The spring days keep getting longer and our startup community keeps getting stronger. We expect many of you are knee deep in researching how to grow your bitclout, so we’ll try to keep today’s update crisp. 😎

Community Updates

📊 The more the merrier! Give a friendly welcome to Keith Salins (GenZ Mafia), Kelsey Ramsden (2X Canada Top Entrepreneur) Tarik Sehovic (ClearAngel + Clearbanc), and Jakob Greenfeld (Opportunities.so)

#️⃣ User count is up to 1,820 beta users and we’ve got over 400 startup ideas in the hopper. We’ve also been busy chatting with a couple more strategic partners, so keep your eyes peeled for future updates and $$$ you’ll be saving 🤑

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Product Updates

📱 We’ve received great feedback on our new messaging feature and are hard at work at the bug fixes to release it to the whole user base. Let us know if you want early access to engage with your upvoters.

🔜 We’re adding additional information to the idea-sharing process to help qualify the people you’re looking to attract. Stay tuned for a product update dropping shortly.

Creator of the Week 🏆

Our creator shoutout this week goes to, Roman! He’s a clever ideator on the platform and constantly goes above the Kernal call of duty to offer his upvotes to others in need. If you want to poke around his work, you can find him riffing on Twitter or dropping gems on his Business Inquirer newsletter, like this deep dive into online marketplaces.

Meme of the Week 🙊

Trung Phan knocked it out of the park with this one. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been in those demos…

We’re always hungry for more founders and makers to join Kernal. If you have someone in mind you want to invite, send them an invite code.

As promised, your fresh 5 of the week:

Tinder for books

by Sean Raftery

Pretty simple; a card swipe “hot or not”-style discovery mechanism for new books to read. Tap to reveal a “bio” of the author and a description of the book just… Read more

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Long Term Goal Planning

by Vic

The Idea: Build an app that helps people set long term goals (3 years out) and work back from a future date to set sub-goals and milestones… Read more

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Chrome plugin that maximizes credit card rewards

by Bentley Williams

This Chrome plugin would work similarly to Honey on the checkout page of sites. However, instead of coupon codes it would recommend which of your credit cards… Read more

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NFT Audiobooks

by Chad Sexton

Amazon captures a larger share of my wallet than any other retailer after groceries. While in a prolonged state of COVID isolation induced life introspection, I analyzed my Amazon purchases over the last 22-years… Read more

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Online Nocode challenges
by Ali Alsayed

The No-code movement is giving non-programmers a huge opportunity to build and ship their ideas to the world. Yet some powerful tools like… Read more

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