☀️ Summer Feature Sizzle

☀️ Summer Feature Sizzle

Happy belated Canada Day 🇨🇦 to our builders in the great white north and happy early Independence Day 🇺🇸 to our startup friends south of the border. We assume you'll be cookin' up a mean BBQ this weekend, so we kept today's round-up light. But there's still some startup gems you can impress the in-laws with. Top the mimosas, cue the country music and let's dive in: 🍹

🏖 Warm Welcome: to Alex Lieberman (Cofounder of Morning Brew with 3M+ subscribers and Host of The Founder's Journal Podcast), Richard Kim, (General Partner at Galaxy Interactive where they run a $295m fund dedicated to videogames and interactive technology), and John O'Connell (an early investor in crypto at True Ventures).

Know a founder/investor that'd like Kernal? Send an invite.

👀 P.S. Alex's first startup idea is live on Kernal. Drop a vote or tell him you wanna build it on twitter.

What Kernal's Been Cooking Up 🥓

Some of you may have thought we were gearing down our updates, but tbh, we're just about to lay our foot on the gas. Here's what our dev team of 30 has been stirring up: 🥘

✔️ Git out of Town: When we saw the CTO of GitHub, Jason Warner sign up for Kernal. We knew it was only a matter of time before the army of developers followed. So we're stoked to announce new members can now sign up via GitHub.

Got a GitHub project in the archives you can dust off and publish on Kernal? There's no time like the present. 📆

✔️ Posting, Building or Fundraising? Now there's no need to guess. With our new update, Kernal users can inform the community if they're planning to build, fundraise or hire. After you share an idea, you'll be asked to provide some insight on ownership of the idea. In other words, sliding into the startup DMs just got that much more interesting... 📩

Checkout an example

✔️ Email confirmation: When you log back into Kernal (as if you ever logged out, right? 🙄), you may be asked to confirm your email. The authenticity of our community is paramount in helping you find the best new startup ideas and we prefer when our bots stick to making us cocktails. 🍹

It only takes two seconds and you'll be back in no time. Need to update your email address? Head over to the edit profile page. 💻

Other Bugs We Fixed:

🐛 The copy to clipboard shortcut to share ideas with your latest startup crush has been FIXED.

🐛 Deleted ideas used to show up in some views but it's been FIXED.

Update Your Idea Status 📱

So now that you're filled in on the features, here's your HW:


  • Go back to your ideas, edit the concepts, and include the roadmap intent
  • You can do this by clicking [my ideas] and then [edit]
  • Answer the 3 questions that pop up on how you plan to pursue the idea
Need help or love the update? Let us know. We always reply 👋🏼

In-Law Shockers  👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

💬 Duolingo is going public: Well-known EdTech unicorn, Duolingo, has filed to go public. Fun fact to share with Aunt Joane: the 400 person rocket is co-founded by Luis von Ahn, the guy behind CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA, the annoying google verifiers you hit before signing up.

☠️ Startup WOATs (Worst of all time): Need a pick me up? Here's 210 of the biggest Startup failures of all time.

🆕 Zuck launches his own substack: Meet Bulletin, Facebook’s newest newsletter mailchimp copy service. Malcom Gladwell's already testing er' out.

🛒 Supriseeeeeee: Shopify uppercutted Bezos and announced they'll charge zero fees to any developer's first million of revenue they earn on their platform. Talk about incentive 💰

Tweet of the week:

How the world looks when everyone's on Kernal 🌏

✉️ Invite a Founder

Have a startup friend looking for ideas to build? Share a Kernal invite.

Got an idea? Submit it here, add a photo and we'll feature it next week.

Board of Directors Search Engine
A board of directors search platform that helps startups find external board members who have operating experience (not investors). It would allow you to search by: - Industry- Who has taken a company to a particular scale (show me operators who’ve been at late-stage - SaaS companies or those wh…
Airbnb Camping
Here’s a solid cash flowing asset idea that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Airbnb for Camping by Justin Mares. Here’s how it works:- Buy a plot of land in a popular area- Supply the bare bones space, tents, toiletries, and sewage for people to Airbnb off of - Capture great photos, promo…
TogetherLetters: Social updates without social media.
Social media gets you a torrent of updates but not always the group sharing you need. We’re building a service that allows an individual to create a group to solicit updates which are shared with the group through a regular newsletter. Group members just need an email address and don’t need to crea…
Subscription/Warranty organizer app
A subscription or warranty organizer app is a unique startup mobile app idea that can make you earn big. This type of app can help people to manage their online subscriptions and membership plans. It can also remind people about the warranty expiration date. They can relieve themselves from the hass…
Vending Machines for Retail Products
I recently was passing through the YVR airport and saw the Best Buy vending machine in the lobby. It got me thinking... What other tech, education or workplace products could be sold in vending machines in apartment buildings or office towers that don’t need to have any staff supervising the locat…

See you next week! 👋🏼

The Kernal fam

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