🍿 Say Hello to Featured Content

🍿 Say Hello to Featured Content

Looking for creative startup ideas to sort through? We’ve got some fresh ones for you to riff on. Before we get to the goods, we wanted to shout-out some new faces and product tweaks we’ve been making to Kernal. Thanks to all of you that’ve shared feedback so far. We appreciate the notes and can’t wait to share what’s up our sleeves for this next month…

Member Shout-outs:

👋🏼 Spend time on Twitter? You’ll probably recognize these new Kernal faces that have jumped in on the fun: Dru Riley (Trends.vc), KP (“Build in Public” Guy), Anne-Laura Le Cunff (Ness Labs) and Chris Messina (Product Hunt Legend)

🚀 User count has jumped to over 900 beta users and 250+ knock out startup ideas!

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Product Updates:

🔨 NEW! We just added the ability to follow topics and users. Now you can stay on top of new ideas that you’re interested in and follow updates from users you care about the most. Try it out now

📰 To keep track of our top startup ideas, we created a Kernal blog you can check out here!

🙋‍♀️ Raise your hand if you’d use a “Featured Content” section on Kernal. We’re thinking of creating a space to house the awesome pods, articles, and clubs you all talk about for idea sparks. Let us know what you think in this quick survey or hit us up on Twitter

BONUS: Since you read to the end, here’s 3 invite codes to invite one of your startup friends to the Kernal community. Click here 👀

As promised, your fresh 5 ideas of the week:

Glass door for college athletic programs

by Keevin O’Rourke

Problem: College athletic programs lack transparency as recruiters are inherently biased and are the primary source for information. Solution: … Read more

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Yelp for Apartment Buildings

by Roman Beylin

When renting or buying an apartment/condo in a building, it’s hard to know the intricate details of how it is to actually live there. From my personal experience, these details can include: How thin are the walls? How far does sound travel?… Read more

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Find + subscribe to podcast by guest

by Dana Sitar

Laughable does this well for comedians — guests for each episode are displayed, and you can click the guest’s name to see where else they’ve appeared, plus subscribe to see any podcasts they’re a guest on in the future… Read more

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A time-tracking app, but social.

by Dan Hightower

More and more people are using time-tracking apps.
Everyone looks for advice on how to time manage.
Idea: a time tracking app like Toggl, but with social features.
Why: I’d like to see how thought leaders spend… Read more

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An AI Powered PR agent

by Adrian S.

For start-ups who want to connect with tier 1 publications, get reviews from publications and reach out to targeted influencers but don’t have time to write and send out pitches this tool would… Read more

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