⛵️ Sailing Past 3,000 Users

⛵️ Sailing Past 3,000 Users

We’re speechless. We asked for your help to hit 2,000 users last week and you gave us 3,000! If that’s not a community that shows up, we don’t know what is. A warm welcome to everyone that’s new and a special s/o to the Indie Hackers that joined from the recent newsletter feature. Let’s dig in: 🍽

Community Updates

👀 Here are some new ideators that joined the club this week: Andrew Gazdecki(Microaquire founder), Eric Bahn (Hustle Fund Co-founder), Joshua Voydik (Swell Commerce Founder), and Camellia Yang (Founder of Y Media).

#️⃣ We rocketed past 3,000 beta users and over 500 startup ideas. If you haven’t posted a startup idea yet, now’s your time. P.S. We’re noticing that ideas with photos are getting a lot of attention. Try it out 🚀

💼 Tiffany Zhong, founder & CEO of Islands, is building the “Shopify for Creators”. She’s working with the biggest celebrities in the world and is on the hunt to hire multiple roles like senior frontend engineers, senior designer and chief of staff. Interested? Drop her an email.

Product Updates

👋 Say hello to Kern.al followers! We’ve exposed the number of followers and following for all users. When you post an idea, your followers get notified to chime in. So far the front runner to beat is Shaan Puri with 610 followers.

🔍 Coming soon: Improved search for ideas and users. You’ll soon be able to discover great startup ideas and fellow Kernalers more easily with an improved search across the platform. Keep your eyes peeled for when the update drops.

📣 We’re looking to feature more female and non-binary entrepreneurs on the platform that have plenty of startup ideas to share. Send any all-stars you know our way by replying to this email.

Creator of the Week 🏆

Big ups to Ali Alsayed for claiming the podium this week. He’s hustled his Online No-Code idea into an MVP called Bubble Bits. Subscribe to follow along as Ali and the team continue to build it out. We love seeing Kernalers spin up their ideas into projects so if you have anything to update us on, reply to this email. To follow more of Ali’s work, follow him on Twitter.

Next stop, 5,000 Kernal users. Help us get there by dropping your friend an invite.

As promised, your fresh 5 of the week:

Reducing meetings within companies

by Andrew Gazdecki

Simple App That Reduces Meetings. Problem: Most companies would be far more productive with less meetings. Solution: Show employees the true cost of scheduling meetings… Read more

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Recruiting via Twitter

by Tiffany Zhong

I’m hiring for multiple roles and there are interesting signals I can use to identify whether someone is looking for a new gig — primarily if they recently changed their bio… Read more

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Special Purpose Vehicles for Non-Accredited Investors

by Eric Bahn

One of the common ways to invest into startups is to run a syndicate to invest into a private company via an SPV (special purpose vehicle). These are essentially a specialized fund set up to invest into just one deal… Read more

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BitClout for the Internet

by Sheran Corera

Give people the ability to speculate on the future success of a web property (think google, reddit, milliondollarhomepage etc.) and profit off of this… Read more

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Slow Reading Club — Read Less, Think More, Do More
by Ivaylo Durmonski

What if, instead of speed-read all available books and torture your fragile mind with 24/7 content consumption, you focus on one book, one topic each month… Read more

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