💡✏️ Recap: Idea to Post with Taptive

💡✏️ Recap: Idea to Post with Taptive

Last week, we partnered with our friends at Taptive to host a free writing workshop. We loved hearing about Grant's passion for writing and how Taptive's template can help you create a consistent cadence in writing, a powerful tool in your startup journey.

Downloaded over 100x: The Publishing Process (Template)

Follow the ideas sprouting from the workshop ⤵️

Kernal Writers · Kernal
For founders and aspiring-founders looking to build a writing habit, get feedback on their startups, and connect with other founders. Share your startup with the world. Finally start writing online.

Kernal X Taptive Writing Co-Hort

If you missed the Taptive Workshop or had a taste for what Grant has to offer during the free workshop, you won't want to miss the Taptive Writing Co-Hort. Grant is offering a special deal for the Kernal Community.

In this 3-week cohort you will:

📝 Build a writing habit and gain the confidence to hit publish
🎤 Establish your voice and grow your online presence
🤝 Connect with other founders and create new opportunities

Taptive has run 30+ writing cohorts for communities like The Commons, Glide, BanklessDAO, and others helping writers publish 1,400+ essays online. The results are transformative, but the process is simple.

Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Learn more by smashing the green button.