☕️ 6 Founder Traits Sweeter than PSLs

☕️ 6 Founder Traits Sweeter than PSLs

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Fun fact: 31.5 million PSLs are sold @ that little startup called Starbucks every year. Turned about to be a good idea.

Latest tech gossip: Elon and Twitter rom-com is back, Apple's swapping cords and fall IG photo shoots are here. US national debt hit $31T, Liquid Death cans are everywhere and Global VC funding fell from $121.8B to $80.1B. Crypto's still meh, Amazon corporate hiring went bleh and peeps are still raving about Figma's exit. It's Oct 7th and some of you new Kernalers are longgggg overdue for posting your 1st startup idea. Get on it. Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither is your startup 🔥

Okay, Okay, I'll post a startup idea

Today's Menu:

  • 🤌 6 founder traits sweeter than PSLs
  • 🥤 Juicy startup ideas to think on
  • 😅 Memes to spice up your inbox

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6 Founder Traits Sweeter than PSLs

Leadership's a funny thing. So are high-performing founders. There's a way they tick when others just tock (and we're not talking about that video app that keeps you up at 2am).

One of our staff came across a unique post by startup OG Greg Isenberg this week and we thought we'd break 'er down. He demystified 6 qualities of high-performing founders so we wanted to break them down so you could steal the napkin notes.

The top 6 traits he believes make foudners ripe for community building are:

1. Captivating 👋
2. Consistent ⏰
3. Loud 📣
4. Obsessed with the mission/people 🚀
5. Relentlessly helpful 💚
6. Sincere 🙌

He shares the full breakdown here but our favourite takeaways were:

  • Products built on top of communities scale fast
  • 95% of communities can start as a simple group chat
  • Merch, waitlists and responsibilities accelerate community buy-in

Wanna know what's better than reading about community? Actually building it.

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Startup Ideas of the Week

"You never know where an up-vote can take you" - Mark Cuban

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Deal notes: Anna from Lithuania is making waves. She's even got an MVP.

Deal notes: Posted by Brian, centralize info and cut the clutter. (Read more)

Deal notes: Big market, timely problem, smart founder. (Read more)

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Memes of the Week

Enough reading, let's get meming.

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