💭 Power women, press features & startup one-liners

💭 Power women, press features & startup one-liners

Hoping Elon didn’t wipe out too much of your life savings with his tweet this week. Need a pick-me-up? Don’t forget that Ethereum founder, Vitalik, gifted $1.2B to the India Covid Relief Fund via memecoin tokens. And in Kernal news, we landed another front page story with our pals at Docsend. Let’s get you up to speed on the startup world:

Movers & Shakers:

👀Power Women to Meet: Helen Min (Head of Marketing at AngelList), Vaishnavi Srivathsan (Chief of Staff at Box, $3B cloud jaugarant), Joy Chien (Private Investor) and Michele Romenow (Clearco Co-Founder and Dragons’ Den Judge, though has been too busy scaling her unicorn company to upload a profile picture yet). 😉

#️⃣ Almost at 4K: we’re sliding past 3,700 users and have dialed in 700 startup ideas from you clever builders. Don’t hold back if you’ve been sitting on a killer concept.

Startup Press:

📰Docsend caught wind of our growth and wanted to hear our story. Recently being acquired by file hosting giant Dropbox ($~10B), we didn’t wanna mess around. They liked the problem we’re solving for founders and decided to feature us on their blog. Stay tuned for a partnership code that’ll give you special access to their product…

How Ryan Holmes is Helping People Go from Idea to Startup | DocSend
People use different mediums to test their startup ideas or early stage products - but what about pre-company? Here’s how Kernal grows ideas.

🏠 Free Startup Real Estate: Company pages like AngelList, Trends, and Opportunities.so are claiming their turf. Got a newsletter or brand that kicks up ideas? Build a brand account to drive more users to your domain.

👑 Meet the Crypto King: Founding Earn.com, leading Coinbase as CTO and being great friends with Marc Andreesen is just 3 of the hundreds of things Balaji’s done to make him one of the most advanced crypto minds on the planet. MFM dug into his POV on startup trends and it’s a great listen if you have time in between kernal comments.

🔥 Startup One-Liners: The 100in100 hackathon we’re sponsoring have been cooking up some killer ideas and we wanted to share some of them that’ve been turning heads. Click on your favourites to chat with the founder:

  1. Sales Closing for Startups
  2. ProductHunt for Feedback
  3. Social Impact centered hackathons
  4. Privacy First Personal Finance App
  5. Headless Forms for Jamstack Websites
  6. Easyorder for Restaurants
  7. Book Summaries for Founders & Freelancers
  8. Milestone Checker Tool for Indiehackers
  9. CalpUp: platform to manage reviews and testimonials
  10. See your social media stats in one place
  11. It’s time you owned your content community
  12. Couple up: Date Finder through live video

What’s New With Kernal?

📱“Siri, show me cool startup news”: no need, we’ve got you covered. The Kernal blog is now live with 15 articles in the bank. Stay tuned for more fire content to come.

🤷🏽‍♀️ Test-Test Telegram?: Our team’s been hearing Telegram’s the spot to hangout. We’re wondering if our members are active? Let us know if you think we should kick-off a Kernal Telegram.

🛠 Looking for Startup Communities: Know any inspiring startup communities we should connect with? Send us your favourite and we’d love to chat.

Creator of the Week 🏆

At Kernal, community building is in our DNA. So when we spot another builder igniting their own grass-roots community, we get excited. Simon, Founder of CodeSwaps.com as that user this week. He joined Kernal just last month and has already been making moves building out his MVP. We caught up him this week to ask him a couple questions:

We asked how he heard about Kernal and what keeps him coming back: Simon said, “I recall first hearing about it on Indiehackers and was intrigued by the invite model. Mainly, it’s about the people. I have been impressed by the experience of the community and the ideas that they generate.”

We then asked how it sparked validation for his idea. He said “I was encouraged to see my codeswaps idea sitting near the top of the “hot section” for a couple days. This combined with the positive feedback I received was enough to encourage me that I’m onto something with my idea.”

Congrats to Cody for making moves with your idea. Find him on Twitter or at Codeswaps to chat further.

Fun Friday 🙊

Jack Butcher with the zinger this week

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As promised, your fresh 5 of the week:

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