🌱 Our Community's Pretty Cool

🌱 Our Community's Pretty Cool

Spring is just around the corner and so are some nifty updates we’ve been cooking up. As promised, here’s our weekly product update and 5 startup ideas to pounce on:

New Members

👀 The idea gang keeps growing. Give a warm Kernal welcome to Harry Dry(Marketing Examples, Founder), Ann Miura-Ko (Floodgate Investor) and Fred Destin (Stride VC, Founder).

➕ User count is up to 1400+ beta users and we’ve green-lighted 320+ killer startup ideas. Keep ’em coming!

Product Updates

⚡️ A reminder for you that missed it, you can now “double-tap” and view the people that indicated they would use, buy, build or invest in your Kernal idea!

📩 We’re working on a way for you to connect with other members on Kernal to keep the conversation going but it needs a little more time in the oven. Stay tuned!

💭 We analyzed all of the Kernal members’ titles/credentials and wow, you folks are a talented bunch! Take a peek:

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Your fresh 5 ideas of the week:

Startup SaaS Bundle

by Elaine Zelby

The last decade has been the great unbundling of SaaS, with the average startup now purchasing more than 34 independent SaaS products to run their… Read more

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Pitch Deck Analytics

by Zain Jaffer

As a VC, I’m flooded with pitch decks and don’t have more than a few minutes to skim through them. Founders also want feedback on their decks and are… Read more

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NFT For Buying Blocks of Time with a Specific Person

by Tim Bourquin

NFT digital art is hot right now. It got me thinking about what else could be bought, sold and traded with blockchain… Read more

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Figma for video

by Brandon Handoko

Figma leveled lots of the playing field for designers — let’s do the same for video creatives with solutions that don’t look like they’re made for marketing videos… Read more

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The Ultimate AI-Powered Life Coach

by Simon

*What Is It* The ultimate life and business coach which uses all your data sources to optimize your life. You would give the software access to… Read more

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