Part 8: Now You Can Go Build a Unicorn

This is part eight of our Startup Quick Start series for helping entrepreneurs launch their next startup.

It’s graduation day and we couldn’t be prouder.

You worked your ass off and it shows. You’ve got a validated startup idea on Kernal, an MVP in motion and a pitch deck ready to hit the streets.

You’re likely passing into the top 1% threshold of founders that give a damn and actually build something the world needs. Soak that in.

To make it official, we’ve got some final “admin” items you should cross off:

☎️ Get Incorporated: if Angel cheques are flowing, you’re gonna need to set up a cap table.

🏦 Set up a Bank Account: the fun and games have passed, and now you need a bank account to set up vendor accounts and cash revenues.

🐦 Snag your Twitter Handle: you’ve made it through the startup ringer and can show the progress milestones to prove it. So now, grab yourself a snappy Twitter handle and send us a DM that you’ve graduated from Kernal Camp.

🎉 Make a Celebration Post: last but not least, take a screenshot, send us a selfie or post a good ol’ reflection tweet about the path you’ve paved for your startup idea! This journey was no small task. And you absolutely hit it out of the park.

Sadly, this means today is our last email in this launch series. If you’re okay with it, we’d love to stay in touch.

Here’s some ways we’d love to keep jamming:

Book a call with our Kernal team to chat life, startup ideas or Kernal feedback
• Follow us on Twitter, Instagram

This was a blast for us and I hope you learned something new. Now go make the world a better place — just remember us when you’re the next Bezos.

Forever your Day 1 fans,

💚 The Kernal Fam