👋🏼 New Faces & Partnership with Secret

👋🏼 New Faces & Partnership with Secret

We’re keeping today’s round-up brief, since we heard some of you may be putting your feet up and hanging with the kids. Here’s our news for the week:

Community Updates

📊 The idea gang keeps growing. A special welcome to Steph Smith (GM of Hustle Trends), Zach Coelius (Founder of Coelius Capital), Tim Soulo (CMO of Ahrefs), and Daniel Debow (VP of Product at Shopify — tech rocket currently sitting at a $179 Billion market cap)

💸 We just locked down a new partnership with Secret, a killer platform for startup deals & resources. With all that $$$ you’ll be saving, you’ll be able to buy up more Chamath coin on BitClout.

💼Looking for a role at a SaaS startup? Kernal member Dave O’Rourke, CEO at BRGHTLY, is on the hunt for talented folks that want to help his team disrupt the delivery space. Drop him an email if you want to learn more.

Product Updates

💥 We recently turned on a new private messaging feature to a couple of dozen users and have been seeing some new relationships spark as a result. Sign up hereif you want in.

📷 Kernal is now on Instagram. Slide into our DMs to request a shoutout from the account.

🏆 Creator of the Week

This week’s creator shoutout goes to, Clément! With 9 startup ideas, he was an easy choice to hand the trophy to. Follow him on Twitter to stay in touch with what he’s brewing up.

We’re looking for more startup folks to join Kernal. If you have a friend you want to invite, send them an invite code here.

As promised, your fresh 5 of the week:

Online Marketplace for Out-of-Home Advertising

by Joseph Lee

Out-of-home (OOH) is one of the most effective forms of advertising — yet one of the most archaic, offline, and opaque mediums. OOH includes assets like:
- Bus Shelters / Bus Benches… Read more

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Gen Z media to replace CNBC

by Luke Cannon

Why is it that Chamath, Pomp, or Trung go on CNBC to talk about the markets? But when was the last time you tuned in to CNBC live?… Read more

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Spreadsheet → Market Map

by Elaine Zelby

If you work as a business analyst, in venture capital, private equity, investment banking or many other industries, it’s highly likely that you’ve put together a market map… Read more

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“Your net worth is your network” — Personal CRM using AI

by Tanveer

I was given feedback the other day, that I do have to improve how I keep in touch with people, professionally. I’d reflect on this and came to the same conclusion… Read more

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Remember what you read — A tool

by Sharan Nichani

We read articles that have specific details in them all the time (e.g. facts and figures), and being able to drop these into conversation feels great… Read more

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