🤷🏽‍♂️ New Blog, Who dis?

🤷🏽‍♂️ New Blog, Who dis?

Hey, thanks for stopping by! Since you're trusting us with your time, we’re going to trust you with our best startup ideas by sharing a regular round-up of what people are talking about on our new platform, Kern.al.

Before we get to the ideas, we wanted to share a little insight into our building journey so far. So here's the breakdown of how we started:

🗣 A small group of us came together last year and wondered, “what if there was a platform to find, share and grow startup ideas all in one place…”

🔨 One thing led to another and we used no-code tools to build a platform for what we wanted to see

📱 We texted a couple of friends, called a few founders and after we saw their reactions, we knew we were onto something

💯 Users got excited and asked us if they could spread the word. We gave them a nod and we were off to the races

🙌 We’re now up to 200 beta users and 70 brilliant startup ideas, so we thought we’d kick off the first round-up email to keep you updated

✏️ If you haven’t already posted a startup idea, we’d love to see it!

🙋‍♀️ Lastly, if you have any questions, ideas or feedback, drop us a line at admin@kern.al

P.S. If you know any superstars ✨ that should be on the platform, give them exclusive early access with this code:

As promised, here are the top startup ideas of the week!

Substack but for podcasts

by Andew Warner

We built this for Mixergy, my podcast. Took forever, but it’s been a powerful revenue driver. It allows supporters to get older episodes and exclusive content. I think it should be productized. Most podcasters will not have a big enough audience for ads to support them. But getting 100 people to pay $25 each is doable…. Read more

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Newsletter-first media company that covers bootstrapped, lean (people-wise), online businesses

by Alexis Grant

Still figuring out the best words to describe this, but what I envision…
+ Newsletter-first company (would likely use website as well for audience growth)
+ Combination of original reporting/storytelling and aggregating from other sources
+ Success stories, updates on tools used by this community, how-to advice, all with the goal of helping these people grow the profit and reach of their online businesses… Read more

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Private Reddit for Friends

by Sean Rose

Thinking of like an individual Reddit for each of my group texts
• I create one and add people by phone number
• Static place to submit links, stuff
• Friends can upvote, and comment on each thing
• Posts are sorted some kind of reasonable understandable way… Read more

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A show like Westminster Dog Show but for rescue dogs rather than breeds

by Ryan Begelman

Big events make big money and have great working capital dynamics, so I love big event ideas. And I love promoting rescue dogs as a choice over buying pure bread. How about a giant show that features rescue dogs and gives out prizes for fun categories like best xzy mix or best overbite… Read more

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CRM for Twitter — A tool to curate people I meet on Twitter

by Sughanthan Sekar

I meet a lot of cool people on Twitter. People are more than what they list in their bio. Sometimes through DM I find out that someone has a skill that is not listed in the bio. It would be useful if I can tag people with tags that I think are relevant… Read more

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