πŸ’° Save Dat Money

πŸ’° Save Dat Money

Hey bestie boos,

We've got a steak-dinner-of-an-update for ya. All protein, no salad. We're skipping the April Fool's gags and getting straight to the goods. Don't like it? Email my boss to complain: jbezos@kern.al. Today we're gonna hit you where it counts: the founder's piggy's bank. πŸ’Έ

You've been patient and we've been slow. But we've finally got our ducks in a row to set you up with the world's best startup perks. Let's just say the savings will hit harder than Will Smith's right jab. Got your attention? Let's dive in:

Today's Menu: 🍽

  • Save
  • Money on
  • Startup Dealz

That's the menu. Cuz it's our newsletter. And we do what we want. Let's jump in:

πŸ’° Wanna Save Thousands on Perks?

You can't do much in startup land if you don't have cash flow. So we teamed up with our friends at Builtfirst to offer you a jumbo list of discounts to build your startup. Sound pretty good? Keep reading.

Let's get something straight - we're not talking little promo here and little promo there. We're talking about over $250,000 in potential savings that you can plug and play with all the projects you have on the go. The motherload of perks at your fingertips.

You see, saving cash makes everyone happy:

  • Your spouse
  • Your accountant
  • The government*

*made that last one up.

The point is, we're on your side. We wanna see founders win. And we ain't gonna pull the rug on you *cough Axie Infinity*.

The more you grow, the more perks we give. It's a perks system designed for builders so each milestone you hit (sharing an idea, growing your up-votes, sharing updates etc) the juicer the savings are. All you have to do is show us that you're working on your idea.

So here's what you're gonna do:

  1. βœ… Reply to this email proving you're human
  2. βœ… Paste the link to your Kernal profile or startup idea
  3. βœ… Ask for "perks access" in the message Β 

πŸ’° Get Free Perks

We'll see the email, verify you've got a project on the go and activate your perks account πŸš€

It's that easy. No waitlist. No Twitter RT. Nada.

I mean, sure, we'd take a little Tik Tok shoutout if you have a million followers but I'd rather just see your startup IPO and tell my mom "hey, I know that person".

So, smash that good green button, email our team for access and we'll see you on the other side. Remember, the code word is "perks access".

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πŸ‘€ Homework for Today:

  • Reply to this email
  • Say you "want perks"
  • Go buy yourself a nice dinner to celebrate

Maybe send us a photo or something. 🍷

Email Our Team for Perks Access

Have a rocking weekend amigos.

πŸ’š Β Kernal fam

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