πŸ’° We've Got a Secret...

πŸ’° We've Got a Secret...

GM Founder,

Welcome back to Kernal: your startup sensei that takes founders from tuna melt to black belt. On this week's top news: Meta goes brick and mortar, Twitter's c-suite is dusting off their LinkedIn and your Kernal fam is launching a fund. Hold up. Yeah, you read that right...

Today's Menu:

  • πŸ’Έ We're launching a fund and inviting LPs to join
  • 🐦 Startup ideas for the new Twitter boss
  • πŸ€” Member updates you can help with

Fill up the french press and let's hit the goods.πŸ‘‡

πŸ’Έ We're Launching a Fund. Who's in?

We know, it's 2022. Everyone and their dog has a venture fund. But you wanna know what 99% of people don't have?

Deal flow πŸ›Ž (ding, ding, ding)

Smart founders with validated startup ideas don't grow on trees. They're hard to find and even harder to charm.

But at Kernal, generating startup ideas is our day job. And they're only getting better. That's why we're announcing a fund that's gonna live on the back end of Kernal. 🌱

The venture world is a game of chasing. At Kernal, we're turning it into a game of picking. And our LPs will get reap the ripest fruit of the farm. πŸ‡

With our constrained beta version of Kernal, we've seen:

  • 8,000+ members join our platform,
  • 1,500+ startup ideas posted,
  • and 150 startups launch

The next step is adding fuel to the flame. πŸ”₯

So we're launching a Kernal Opportunities fund: A Pre-Seed Venture Fund that will invest in startups started on Kernal. If you wanna sign up to be one of our LPs, please fill out this form as a non-binding expression of interest.

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πŸš€ Startup Ideas Twitter Should Invest In

Cat's outta the bag and Twitter's board has spoken. There's a new owner in town. As I'm sure he's got lots of threads to reply to, I thought we could help him out.

There's a lot of cool startup ideas Twitter could back on Kernal so we thought we'd round them up to make it easy.

Give 'em a browse and let us know which one's your favourite.

Click on the starutp ideas below to up-vote or comment

Got a startup idea of your own? Drop it below.

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πŸ“© Founder Asks of the Week:

Jeff Doan is looking for a designer... He's building "MyPerfectJob" to provide a better way for people to get their perfect role in product. Check out his MVP to see what we mean. If you want to connect with him, comment on his startup idea to set up a video call. 
Ella Reizevoort is building up a storm... She's been working on A Force of One with Mark Wormgoor. They're still aligned on vision, but are putting in more energy to building a community of freelancers to try their product. If you're a freelancer, reach out to them here.
Edwin has launched his app! Talk is cheap. Execution speaks volumes. Edwin's Neo-bank startup idea now has a live website and app for public testing. Give it a go: powerbank.network

🐦 Tweet of the Week:

This will be interesting to watch:

Remember, if you wanna join our Kernal Fund as an LP, share your name and email below.

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Now go dream up some startup ideas this weekend.

πŸ’š Β Kernal fam

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