📸 Kernal Celebs & 600 Startup Ideas Build

📸 Kernal Celebs & 600 Startup Ideas Build

If you haven’t already been told, y’all are a talented bunch. And since you’re too humble to DM us, we did some digging. From IPOs to book launches, the hustle never stops. And this makes us even more fired up to build a space where we can showcase the ideas you dream up. Here’s your updates of the week and new ideas to scope out 🔭

Community Updates

👀 Some startup legends have joined the fold: Mubs (2016 ProductHunt Maker of the Year), Steph Smith (Hustle GM), Marieke (Founder of Above Potential) and Dave Nemtez (Bleacher Report Founder)

#️⃣ We’ve zoomed past 3,374 beta users and passed 600 ideas. Send us a concept if you haven’t already!

💥We’re excited to be a sponsor for a startup challenge called 100in100. Kernaler Anthony Castiro posted the idea on our platform and we wanted to help promote the cause. He’s got 521 founders signed up all with the goal of shipping a product to get 100 paying customers in 100 days. AND, he built the site off the back of a google sheet:

Kernal Celebs:

🏦 Founder of a Unicorn: One of our early Kernal users, Greg Smith, just took his company, Thinkific, public on TSX this week! Let’s just say, we’re glad he ran with his main hustle vs his Kernal idea or he wouldn’t have $1B+ in the bank

🎧 MFM Idea Machine: Elaine Zelby was rocking the mic this past week with fellow Kernalers Sam and Shaan on episode #175 of the MFM pod. Take a listen if you missed her concepts she dropped like a subscription for sneakers and NFTs for donations.

🚀 (In DJ Khaled Voice) Anotha One! Meet Roman. He posted this due diligence startup idea last month not knowing where it’d lead. After he got some feedback from you readers, he spun it out as a startup called DueDilio. After launching only 2 weeks ago, he has 60+ experts and 10+ diligence requests in the bank. Sounds like he’s onto a major key. If you wanna link up with Roman, catch him on Twitter.

Product Updates

📩 Too many ideas in your inbox? While we feel that’s not possible, we’ve heard your feedback. With all of the amazing ideas being submitted, we’ve introduced settings to adjust how often you’re notified. Now you can get notified immediately or in a daily/weekly rollup. You can also choose to turn off notifications (but why would you? 😭).

🔎 We’ve made a minor update to the search bar. Type your search term and hit enter and you’ll get a full page of results. Keep your eyes on this page for further improvements 👀

✨ Wondering where your newly submitted ideas went? Now you can view and manage all of your ideas (including ideas pending approval) from the My Ideas page. You can find it in the menu under your profile image in the top right corner.

Creator of the Week 🏆

Give it up to Steph Smith for bagging the trophy this week! Curious what got her the win? She shipped 3 ideas this week, including this Tesla for Coffee concept, and also has some other news she’s been holding back. She’s launched a book called “Doing Content Right” and it earned top product of the day on Product Hunt. She’s also a wizard on Twitter and drops regular gems on her blog. Let’s just say: she’s someone you should turn notifications on for 🔔

Meme of the Week 🙊

New startup idea category next week… Ways to source lumber. Think it’s got legs?

Next stop, 5,000 Kernal users. Help us get there by dropping your friend an invite.

As promised, your fresh ideas of the week:

Hacker News for Crypto

by My First Million

Problem: So many great ideas come from Hacker News but there isn’t really a space for the crypto wave to be seen. Other spots like reddit and twitter threads are… Read more

Neighborhood Data Platform

by Opportunities.so

AirDNA is generating $9.9M in yearly revenue (2M in profit) from 7000 paying customers (mostly vacation rental managers and hedge funds)… Read more

Supplier comparison site for restaurants 🍔

by Idin Sabahipour

Concept: A comparison tool that centralises the stock prices that different suppliers provide to restaurants, allowing restaurants to compare the prices of specific goods… Read more

Tinder for Friends

by Carel Van Graan

Online space to find friends with similar interests when moving to a new city. We recently moved to Vancouver and we know nobody around… Read more

IP Trash — One person’s trash is another’s treasure


Tool that crawls/scans USPTO database for expired and “never responded” IP. Aggregates and categorizes the information into a list that people can pick… Read more

A/B Testing QR Menu Software

by Steph Smith

Many internet companies have grown due to their ability to A/B test everything that they do. Many industries IRL do not have the ability to A/B test… Read more

Subscription Running Shoes

by Elaine Zelby

I’ve been an avid runner since high school and have always been told the rule that you’re supposed to replace your shoes every 300–500 miles.. Read more

Creator pre/post-production talent marketplace

by Josh Constine

Creators want to make more content than they can record, edit, and publish themselves. Yet it’s difficult to compare portfolios and pricing for video.. Read more

Accountability Partner / Productivity Coach for entrepreneurs, creatives and executives

by Mareike

For a while, I had the idea of a business that solves the problem I struggled with for many years and you have probably faced it at some point too: Procrastination… Read more

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