🌊 Hiring Startup Ideas You Should Hold Onto

🌊 Hiring Startup Ideas You Should Hold Onto

GM Builders,

Welcome back to the Kernal: your beach friend that brings an extra chair and portable iPhone charger even when you said you didn't need it πŸ–

Today's issue is for the water skiers, the beach tanners, and paragliders. The summer founders that are catching waves in the morning and grinding late into the night to keep business roaring. But for real, make sure you get some summer adventures with friends. Building a startup is fun. But so is making the most of that flexible schedule. And if your lead investor asks, just tell them you're doing some IG reel research for content purposes πŸ˜‰

Our Line-Up:

  • πŸ† Founder of the week
  • πŸŽ‰ New Feature Friday
  • πŸ’­ Startup ideas HR folks should run with
  • πŸ“° Hacks and tools you'll wanna click on

Today's headlines are bright, so make sure you lather up with SPF 60.

πŸ† Founder of the week

Staying in touch with people over Slack is great. But when you have 12+ tools per day you're sifting through, it can make you wanna pull your hair out. We all know the feeling when you're sifting through every tool to get access to a google drive folder you need to screen-share in 10 mins.

Greg Fragin felt the same. So he's building a startup to change this.

He's hungry for some feedback so we said we'd scoop up some ideas from our readers. Please don't let us know... 😬

His startup idea? A unified productivity dashboard to give you back your time. He stewed up enough conviction to hire some folks and has a gorgeous MVP here. If you're a nerd for productivity apps, give it a go. Look up Loophq.com/ and email the founder at gfragin@loophq.com if you have any tweaks you'd make to the offering.

Greg even spun up a spiffy-looking Vimeo video so you can understand his startup idea in 52 seconds. Give it a watch:

Homework to help the founder:

View Greg's Startup Idea

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πŸš€ Startup Ideas to Jump On

You know the drill. Up-vote, comment and flag your favs:

Think you got what it takes to share a startup idea? We believe you. So get to it. πŸ‘‡

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Have a kick-ass weekend friends.

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