☘️ Happy St. Founder's Day?

☘️ Happy St. Founder's Day?

GM Founders,

Welcome back to the Kernal newsletter, your go-to spot to validate startup ideas and take 'em to the metaverse moon. Don't worry. We're not gonna Bog Iger you like that. We're here for founders whether you're building in web 1, 2 or 3. And if you land on a gold mine of an idea (#AMC), we'll promote the heck out of you. In other recent news, Shultz is back at Starbs, March Madness bets are live and Yuga Labs snagged 5.5Bs of NFTs. Now let's see how 8 rounds of Guinness mixes with grammar, shall we? 🍻

Today's menu:

  • A new appreciation day for startup founders
  • Some one-liners you'll wanna research
  • Startup ideas to keep an eye on

Lets get crackalackin' 👇

🗓 Would You Celebrate Saint Founder's Day?

Can I pitch you an idea? This St. Patrick's Day thing had me thinking... We have days to celebrate lots of things. Dogs, Pi Day, Employees. And those are all good things. But what about a founder appreciation day? A quick ask to Google told me it didn't exist. Cue the deep voice: we got ourselves a startup opportunity. 🥁

Happy St. Founder’s Day
Opportunity: A global event to celebrate all the founders, builders and makers of the world. There’s millions just waiting out there. What would it look like to tie together a global founder’s day where they can all be celebrated? Customers: Millions of founders, builders, and entrepreneurs acros…

Imagine a day to celebrate the millions of entrepreneurs that go out on a limb to chase their idea. The folks that leave their day jobs to go make an impact. Who's celebrating them?

If there's an employee appreciation day, it only makes sense to have one for founders. Think it has legs? Vote on the idea. It's free to steal if you like it.

I'd celebrate St. Founder's Day

Startup Ideas of the Week:

Now let's get onto more serious startup ideas. Here's some of this week's freshest picks for you to vote or comment on:

MDGA (Make debate great again)🎤
We live in a polarized world. Left or right. Go big or go home. With us or against us. We love to hang out at each end of a spectrum, and we love an echo chamber. Confirmation bias just feels so damn sweet! But - I’ve been thinking a lot about what I can learn from those who think differently …
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Owl Link - The only bio link that stays forever
Opportunity: Web 3’s creator economy is accelerating, and no tool is available to show all the digital assets a creator owns. Owl Link is a Web 3 Bio-Link tool for Crypto natives. Bio link apps market size is continuing to expand and current web 2 players are earning close to $30M ARR. With Web…
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Plufl: The Dog Bed for Humans
Opportunity: Despite the fact that a huge percentage of the population engages in napping on a regular basis, there exists virtually no product that is optimized for taking naps. There has been a recent boom in the demand for comfort-oriented products and an increasing number of companies have begu…
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Quickly launch scalable full-stack SaaS applications
Opportunity: With the rise of tech communities across Twitter, Reddit, IndieHackers, and #BuildInPublic movements, people are exposed to how SaaS platforms are being built and grown.The current rate of adoption in modern technologies such as Next.JS, Prisma, and Tailwind CSS, allows for faster pro…
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Play-to-Earn Wordle
If you haven’t played Wordle yet, you’ve likely been living under a rock the past few months 😂. The simple word game where you get 6 tries to guess a 5 letter word caught fire early this year. Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle launched the game late last year without much fanfare and had about 10…
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DAO Real Estate Empires
I feel like every time I drive down a block I see a row of empty commercial buildings for lease. Not sure if this is largely driven by the pandemic or by customers flocking towards online purchases but regardless there is empty spaces that aren’t being utilized. What if instead of leaving these empt…
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Got a timely startup idea you wanna get feedback on? Share it below so you can validate if it's worth chasing. Or we can tap someone in our community to go build it for you. 😎

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Startup News to Click On:

  • 💥 Former Disney CEO, Bob Iger, joins the board and invests in NFT startup Genies. Genies is 5 years old, has raised $100M in funding and counts Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez among its fans. Time will tell where this rocket goes.
  • 🎧 This Kayne podcast from Sam and Shaan is a must-listen. Cue it up for your next chores run.
  • 👀 Reddit founder, Alexis Ohanian, launched a $20m fellowship for young founders you can apply to here.
  • 💰Yuga Labs has bought CryptoPunks and Meebits from Larva Labs.
  • 🏈 Tom Brady pranked the world coming back into the league. Everyone's happy except the person who bought his signed retiring football for $500K.
  • ✈️ Didn't make it to SXSW? Neither did we. But it looked snazzy. Here's the featured speakers and sessions of the startup category if you wanna read up on what you missed.
  • 📺 Loved watching Billions, Theranos and Yellowstone? You may wanna bookmark Superpumped. The TV show covers the founding of Uber.
  • 🕵️ Billion dollar venture funds, like Bain Capital Ventures, are hiring pseudonymous scouts to send them deal flow. Listen to Christina explain how she works with anonymous founder of Lit Capital for founder intros.

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