📰 Front Page of Indiehackers

📰 Front Page of Indiehackers

Hoping your crypto wallets are heavier this week after that nail-biter of a listing from Coinbase. If you missed the wave, Elon’s ramping up on his Dogecoin tweets if you still want to get in on the action. Without further ado, here’s our weekly round-up with 5 startup ideas to pounce on 💸

Community Updates

💥 Jeff Bezos’ shareholder letter wasn’t the only thing making headlines this week. The origin story behind Kernal got spotlighted in an Indiehackers article yesterday. Learn more about who’s behind Kernal and the problem we’re trying to solve.

👋 We’re still waiting for one of you to invite Brian Armstrong, but we’ve got some other new signups we’re excited to share: Alex Poulus (Docsend CMO), Packy McCormick (Founder of the Not Boring newsletter with 44k+ readers) Shauna Arnott (Haste and Hustle Founder) and My First Million’s iconic Googler: Abreu

📈 We’re passing the corner on 1,900 beta users and we want to hit 2,000 beta users next week. Have a friend that texts you too many ideas? Next time reply with an invite to send ’em our way

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Product Updates

🆕 We’ve noticed that many of you have been using Kernal to connect with others to start building out your business idea. Starting next week, we’re launching a new “roles” feature. Identify if you plan to build it, your role and the type of help you’re looking for. Keep your eyes peeled for the feature drop next week 👀

Creator of the Week 🏆

Major props to Paul Burke for snagging the trophy this week. He’s been an active Kernaler since sign up and he’s got a couple of smart concepts on the site including this journalism as a service gem. Want to wet your beak with his content? Check out his website or slide into his LinkedIn DMs.

Recommendation of the Week 💡

Looking for a killer pod to add to your library? This is a must-listen featuring investment tycoons Trung, Bilal and Jack. Want to apply to be on the pod? Drop them a note here.

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As always, your fresh 5 of the week:

Vetted Social Media Creator Marketplace and Training Program by Jake Paul

by My First Million

Problem: there are very few people that understand the social media world inside out and it’s difficult for celebrities/brands to find those trusted people to scale their… Read more

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TikTok for Games

by Generalist Newsletter

Simplifying game development through remixing. TikTok (and Instagram) have shown that with the right tools (particularly the ability to remix), non-professionals can create short-form video that’s… Read more

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Chrome Extension for Discovering The Best Time to Buy

by Paul Burke

This Chrome plugin would work similarly to Honey on the checkout page of sites. However, instead of coupon codes it would recommend which of your credit cards… Read more

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Dropshipping for food (Oberlo for CPG)

by Joseph Lee

Online marketplace for drop shipping quality consumer-packaged food products. Dropshippers can source high quality, great tasting foods directly from vetted… Read more

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All connections, no clutter. “Kaafee”, where Linkedin meets Evernote.
by Tarik Sehovic

“Kaafee” is productivity for personal life. Never lose track of a meaningful relationship again: Kaafee helps you keep track of your social network, and all the connections…. Read more

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