⚒ Building Kernal in Public & Launching on Trends

⚒ Building Kernal in Public & Launching on Trends

If you just joined us this week, welcome to the Kernal newsletter! If you’ve been around for a while, glad to have you still here riffing on ideas! As promised, here’s a round-up of our best startup ideas we’ve seen on the site this week and some building updates from our team:

👋🏼 A warm welcome to the 400+ Trendsters that joined this past week from our FB announcement about an early access peak. The Kernal team is a big fan of Trends and are excited to have you on board!

🔨 Something we added this last week is a Featured Users category for you to follow and engage with the top ideators on the platform. These include cool builders like Yancey Strickler (Kickstarter Founder), Kat Cole, (ex-FOCUS Brands), and Sam Parr (The Hustle).

📈 We’re now up to 500+ beta users and close to 200 brilliant startup ideas. Excited to see this idea community growing!

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As promised, here are your top startup ideas of the week!

Anonymize my life!

by Sam Parr

I want to hide my phone number, address email and more. I think in the future, you may not even know your real coworkers names. And people will want to be more private than ever. But this is hard to do in one step!…. Read more

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Shadow a CEO -> Lessons, Courses, Programs

by Trevor McKendrick

Follow a CEO for a day and take detailed notes:
how do they email? How do they manage their calendar? How do they make decisions? People will be _shocked_ how quickly CEOs move on BIG issues and decisions… Read more

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Newsletter digest service

by Daniel Scott Mitchell

Create a list of newsletters you want to subscribe to. We’ll read them and send you a TLDR with just enough detail that you can stay up to date without drowning in emails. Also, we’ll link to the full newsletters in case you want to dive deeper…. Read more

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Food Bike GIF by Common Ground Compost

Compost addition to Freezer to avoid smelly mess

by Bobby Umar

Every time I compost, I either hold my nose or make a face. Truth is, it’s hard to do because it’s disgusting and can even get worse with the smell and gooey mess. Our compost bin is always smelly, needs constant cleaning, and we often don’t even want it on our counter… Read more

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Use AI to generate personalized cold email

by Damon Chen

A problem I recently had is writing cold emails. It takes so much time on researching and personalizing each content. Not to mention most of cold emails won’t even get a reply. What about we have the AI to help us generate personalized cold emails?… Read more

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Till next week!

The Kernal Team