🔑 Boomin' NFTs and Founder Major Keys

🔑 Boomin' NFTs and Founder Major Keys

Happy Friday Builders,

What a week. Rivian joined the IPO crew, Airbnb shipped a wifi tool for your WFH retreats and there's officially 43 days until Christmas. Our bet? 49% of ya'll are putting up your tree w/ Mariah Carey on full blast this weekend. The other 51% are fine-tuning your e-comm strat for Black Friday (we see you Nik Sharma). 🎄Whatever side you're on, don't forget to keep gettin' your startup reps on Kernal.

Today's lineup:

  • Fancy NFTs making waves
  • Kernal major keys to jump on
  • Startup ideas you can build this weekend

Put down your Irish coffee and let's dive in.

👀 NFT Stats That'll Raise Your Brows

According to "seldom smiling" Scott Galloway, Global NFT sales continue to hit record highs. Some stats to drop at dinner dates this weekend:

  • 2021 has been a standout year for normalizing NFTs among non-tech folk
  • In Q1 2021, NFT sales surpassed $1B for the 1st time, up 24x from 2020.
  • And Q3 of 2021 saw anotha explosion. A record-breaking $11B worth of NFTs was sold across multiple blockchains.

Bottom line? NFTs ain't a fad. It's the future. So to help you out, here's 3 of our top startup ideas in the NFT space you can build, claim or partner on:

  1. NFT for Buying Blocks of Time with People by Tim Bourquin
  2. Gallery for NFT Digital Art by Diana Pertseva
  3. NFT for Tracking Physical Art by Adrian Salamunovic
NFT for tracking physical art
The problem with NFTs are they are not easy to “link” to physical objects. This would give living artists the ability to create tamperproof “stickers” that they could apply to their physical artworks. Here’s how they would work: -The artist would “mint” an NFT that is linked to this unique sticker …

Your turn. Got an NFT startup idea you don't have time to build or want more validation on? Post it here. 💥

Need a reacp on NFTs? Check out this 15 min chat with Prof G

🚨 662 Unclaimed Startup Ideas To Steal

You read that right. There are 662 unclaimed startup ideas (and growing) on your favourite pre-seed idea marketplace. The funny part: so many of them are up for grabs and ya'll are just sitting back watching Netflix shows.

What you should be doing is browsing and pouncing on the hottest ideas of the week. Don't waste your time building ideas you "hope" will be a success when you can go build ideas that your target demographic knows will be a success.  

The craziest part about stealing a startup idea on Kernal:

💰 It's free 99

🤙 It's already validated with upvotes, builders and possible backers

🥁 You have a home crowd waiting on Kernal that's dying to hype you up

So what are you waiting for? Go onto Kern.al, set the filter to unclaimed and go take the most kick-ass idea to market.

Remember: play to your strengths, only claim ideas you plan to build and tweet us when you claim one. 🐦

Questions? Email us here.

Startup Zingers and Idea Pingers:

📝 Shoot Your Shot: own a brand, service or software that can help Kernalers? Pitch your offer in this 2 min form we created.

🍔 Yummy acqu-sish: DoorDash announced it'll acquire food platform Wolt for $8.1B (CB Insights)

🛻 Zoom zoom: On day 1 of Rivian's IP, its valuation soared above auto giants like GM and Ford (TC)

🤳🏾Why-Fi: Airbnb dropped a new wifi feature so hosts can prove to future GenZers their house is zoom friendly

🎙Pod Alert: Need a new pod besides MFM? Sahil Bloom shared 20 useful frameworks on startups, investing + writing

📲Dorsey Drop: Twitter Blue shipped in the USA for $2.99.mo. Still no edit button but maybe we'll get that in 2030 (BI)

📩 Invite a Founder to Kernal:

Got a friend w/ too many startup ideas? Send them an invite.

Michael Jordan House Museum:
According to a recent video by Shaan Puri, Michael Jordan’s house has been for sale for a decade and no one’s bought it. Recently the 56,000 sqft home moved from $29 million to $12.9 million. House comes with indoor basketball courts, huge closets, custom gate with “23” and many more bells and whis…
Relationship database for investigative journalism
A big part of investigative work is finding connections between entities -- people, companies, organizations, etc. For example, A can be a major shareholder of company B, whose CEO C is a close friend of D. Thus, there is a connection between A and D, but it requires multiple sources to discover, an…
Direct-to-Consumer Apparel Marketplace with User Generated Catalog.
A site to discover current and new DTC clothing brands.Users can upload pictures wearing the garments and get rewarded by the brands based on their social media follower counts, etc. so if you have a lot of followers, you get paid more for the pictures you upload, tag, and share.Users become the m…
Booking and payments platform for independent barbers
Barbershops are back in business, and they’re bigger than ever. Google Search interest in “barber near me” is at an all-time high, and r/Barber subreddit subscribers boomed ~580% in the last year. TikTok videos with #barbershop and #barber tags together have ~23B views. The trend is not surprisin…
Virtual Speed Dating
Make a dating app that instead of swiping pictures/ profiles, you swipe video chats. Imagine Omegle meets Tinder. You would be able to immediately speak with someone. This is would drastically reduce the chances of meeting a catfish, help establish a connection faster, and reduce the number of peopl…

🥁 Meme of the Week

Laugh meter out of 10? Stirred up this meme in between meetings yesterday.

Thanks for reading. Go have an amazing weekend.

💚 The Kernal fam

P.S. Feedback or ideas? Reply with a note. We read 'em all.

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