💰 Bill Gates, Social Proof & Germany’s Top Bootstrapper

💰 Bill Gates, Social Proof & Germany’s Top Bootstrapper

Bill Gates’ Tinder account and your Ethereum stock weren’t the only things blowing up this week. Fresh startup ideas keep rolling in like there’s no tomorrow and we couldn’t be happier. Let’s dive in on the latest 🍿

Community Roundup

👀 More Kernalers: Vivek Sodera (Co-Founder at Superhuman), Marie Martens (Founder of Tally) Natalie Furness (legendary no-code builder), and Joe Previte, (Founder of VimforVSCode).

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Product News

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Creator of the Week 🏆

If you haven’t heard of Jakob Greenfeld, you’ve got homework for the weekend. A recent tweet coined him “one of the most exciting bootstrapped solo-founders out of Germany.” And tbh, we don’t doubt it. He’s built and sold Product Explorer (acq by Micro Acquire), currently scaling Opportunities.so and just launched a new product called “Under the Radar” which is taking ProductHunt by storm. He’s also got a list of 16 side projects with their status (dormant, sold, active) which we think makes him an absolute Kernal king. Wanna link up with Jacob? Comment on his top Kernal idea or hit em up on Twitter.

Tweet of the Week 🙊

Kernaler, Keith, posted a winner this week

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The fresh 5 of the week:

Cliff Notes + The Athletic + Genius for S-1s

by Vivek Sodera
Co-Founder at Superhuman

S-1s are a treasure trove of insights and learnings from companies that have successfully scaled. I've personally expanded my startup and business IQ by reading through the Dropbox, Asana, and other S-1s... Read more

Remote work from nature

by Andrew Warner
Founder, Startup CEO @ Mixergy

Working from home, coffee shops and an office can be too distracting. I’d like a place out in nature where I could go for a couple of days and work. Internet connectivity is a must... Read more

Get Twitter threads straight to your inbox

by Jonathan Barone
Indie builder & dad

It is almost impossible to not miss valuable Twitter threads. One would have to constantly be on Twitter. Way too time consuming! Solution: A tool to subscribe... Read more

Barstool Sports for Tech (Shaan Puri)

by My First Million
Ideas shared on the MFM podcast

- You're into the tech world, startup world, memes
- There's the onion (very extreme), valley wag (gossip tech), no many others.. Read more

Micro-Sponsorship for Content Creators

by Deepak Lalit
Founder at Qikteam.com

**Problem** Influencer marketing is inaccessible to smaller brands with a smaller marketing Budget. There are platforms out there that connect with you... Read more