🎈Best Year to Be a Founder

🎈Best Year to Be a Founder

GM Builders,

Happy first Friday of 2022. Xmas trees are all packed up, Apple passed $3T in market cap and Omicron's keeping us on our toes for the next episode of Succession. Not everything is roses and sunshine tho. Elizabeth Holmes took an L in the court battle this week and blackberry bit the dust. As we kick off 2022, I just wanted to stop and say how thankful our Kernal team is to have each of you on this journey. We've got some special plans for this year. 🎉

Today's line-up:

  • Why 2022 is the best year to build in public
  • Startup ideas you can build, join or invest in
  • Kernal member turns Shaan Puri's idea into an iPhone app

Enough blabbing and let's get to it 👇

⚒️ Best Year to Build in Public

Did you know that in 2021, more people Googled “How to start a business” than “How to get a job”? We believe 2022 is only gonna be bigger and that we're entering a whole new era of entrepreneurship.

So let's face it. You're on Kernal for a reason. And we could bet our bitcoin savings it's not to build your startup in private 🤫. If you've been around the block, you'd know the saying:

"First-time founders focus on idea, second-time founders focus on distribution"

And if you don't, screenshot and memorize this. We live in a world where ideas are a dime a dozen and what matters more than ever is executing on the idea. You'll need 3 to build a startup in 2022 and building in public helps all of them:

  • a talented team, 💪
  • smart distribution strategy 📧
  • and community moat around your idea 🌊

With these 3, you can take your idea to the moon and no copycat can steal your roadmap. We'll be by your side cheering you every step of the way. So, what do you say? Ready to post that 2022 startup idea you've been holding back on? Tap below.

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✨ Startup Ideas You Missed

In case you were busy sipping mochas over the holidays, we rounded up our hottest ideas you may have skipped while being at the cabin.

Take a gander and click on the one-liners that interest you. Upvote and comment so the founder can hear your feedback. 👇

HTML templates as NFTs
ProblemWhile you can save a lot of effort by buying an HTML template, you can’t be sure that the same template isn’t used by thousands of other websites, and your website will look just like the others. SolutionTemplate creators can sell templates as NFTs to ensure that this template is sold to a…
Airbnb for renting rooftops (for infrastructure)
OpportunityThis is a multi-billion dollar opportunity. Rooftops represent one of the largest opportunties for home owners and building owners to monetize this often overlooked and undervalued real estate. For example 5G antennas, roof top gardens, solar energy providers, and eventually designated d…
Create your own NodCard - an always-on digital business card.
Problem StatementWhat problem are we trying to solve? NodCards were born out of the frustration and visual clutter of email signatures. They are cramped with information and contact methods. Does not have a great mobile experience, and 90% of the time the recipients do not even pay attention to th…
Product Hunt for Music Discovery
OpportunityThere are no good music discovery platforms today. Spotify algorithms recommends more of the same music to you, Rolling Stone is not what it used to be anymore, and Pitch Fork has gone down the same path. CustomersWe are targeting music lovers, who want to discover and support indie ar…
Democratizing Reality TV
The very first “reality” TV shows aired in the late 1940s when a few programs starting depicting characters in unscripted situations which was a broad departure from traditional television at the time. Queen for a day, which started as a radio show, and Cash and Carry were 2 early examples but the f…
Exploding Topics but for Profitable Products 🤯
There are 12MIL products out there, but only a handful of them succeed. Link to MVP site (We are currently testing the market-product fit phase so it’d be great to receive some feedback 😁) OpportunityAmazon has 1.9MIL sellers. Only 1/10 generate $100k, and just 1% of them hit the $1MIL sales m…
Phone friendly swipe file app (Shaan Puri)
I like using Swipe files to brainstorm future content. But here’s no easy mobile version for me to store my info. I have 100s of screenshots on my desktop and wish there was a simple app that I could use on my phone to sort my best swipes. (newsletter openers, analogies, fb ads) My iPhone photo a…
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📰 Headlines of the Week

  • Surf's Up: infamous NFT marketplace, OpenSea, raised a cool $300M at a $13.3B valuation
  • Snapchat Mafia: alumni of Snapchat have raised $343M across 35 startups
  • Warm Apple-lause: iMessage aka Apple just hit a $3T market cap this week
  • All Aboard: monkey JPGs passed $1B in sales. Sounds enough to believe NFTs are sticking around

🏁 Founder Goodies to Flag

  • Discord 101: low on Discord etiquette? Here's a go-to guide to nerd out on
  • 21 DAO Tools: here's an article to brush up on your DAO toolbelt
  • Content Wizardry: wanna crush content in 2022? Steal gumroad's playbook
  • Sick of goals? This 2022 manual by Steve Schlafman will change your mind
  • Startup Wisdom: Reddit founder dropped some major gems on the future of the community. Go listen to his 1-hour podcast convo with Greg and Sahil.

🛠 Builder Milestones of the Week

  1. 🍏 From Startup Idea to App Store: Todd Mueller has been hard at work at My First Million's phone-friendly swipe file app that Shaan Puri talked about. The idea? A simple app to store all your screenshots for easy access. 📸

Out of a simple Kernal idea, he developed a logo, wireframes, mockups and finally shipped an app for the world to see. 🚀 That's some startup hustle right there. Test the app for yourself here. Here's a photo library of the journey from a to z:

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2. ☁️ Unclaimed startup idea is heading to the cloud: Simon scooped up a startup idea and has been in hot pursuit. The idea? Fathom-like Note Taking & Tagging for Podcasts. Read his latest progress milestone:

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3. 🏠 "Possibly found a property": says Lisa Artica behind vanity mailbox address startup idea. She also acquired a domain for her project last week.

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🥁 Tweet of the Week

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Go have a fantastic weekend.

💚  Kernal fam

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