๐ŸŽ„'The Night Before Build-Mas

๐ŸŽ„'The Night Before Build-Mas

Morning Founders,

Our boss is chilling at the chalet so we're shaking things up today. Why? Because you've worked too hard this year to read a boring email. All of 2022, you've:

  • hustled when others have netflixed
  • built-in-public when others have hid-in-private
  • shipped boldly when others have been too scared to launch at all.

So to spread some holiday joy, we spun up a Christmas poem (with a startup spin). Dim the lights, pour the hot cocoa and enjoy.

'Twas the night before Build-Mas, when all through the room,

Not a Kernaler was working, not even on zoom,

The builders were nestled, all snug in their beds.

While visions of IPOs danced in their heads


So I sent a slack note, to co-founder Saint Nick,

I was worried our users, may just feel sick,

As founders we're wired, to build and to build,

But Holidays remind us, to chill and to chill,

Then to my surprise, my Apple Watch made a strange noise,

It was Siri that scared me, it likely heard my own voice.

She reminded me that Kernal's a home for all founders to use,

But that doesn't mean by resting that builders will lose,


Mental health's a tough topic to entirely understand,

But we know when a break's fully enjoyed it's sure grand,

So whatever you need, whether it's sleep, gifts or good food

We hope you can carve out some special time to be you,

Our projects are sacred, but so is our family,

So at Kernal, we promote time off, so please take it gladly,

With Elon claiming Twitter, and SBF scamming billions,

There's never been a better time to check on fellow civilians


As ChatGPT keeps climbing and economies stay risky,

We can't help but guess founders may open the whisky,

2022's been a year, for each of us to remember,

It started slow, then blinked - from Jan to December


Kernal passed 10,000 users and hundreds of projects

But our favourite pass time is still is reading your comments

You're all changing the world, one idea at a time,

Your MVPs keep coming out, so clever and sublime

Itโ€™s really a shame, we're divided by this screen,

Cuz we'd much more prefer giving a hug from our team ย 

You all make our day, your light shines so bright

We're so damn inspired we'd host you for dinner tonight


Weโ€™d order the top dishes and wines in the west

And weโ€™d toast to each of your founder success,

After your idea's IPO'd we just canโ€™t wait to say:

โ€œWe adore all those Kernalers and recall their 1st dayโ€


With your idea in motion, next year you'll make millions

Please try to recall us when you're buds with Serena Williams

Now go close your email and donโ€™t take a call

Go soak up your Christmas, Happy Holidays to all


๐Ÿ’š The Kernal Fam