👀 5 Free Startup Ideas & New Custom Gif

👀 5 Free Startup Ideas & New Custom Gif

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New Members:

🙋‍ Word keeps spreading and we’re not complaining. New sign-ups from Channing Allen (Indiehackers, co-founder), Lindsay Craig (Shopify, Director of Growth), Jean-Loup Karst (Secret, founder) and Cassidy (Developer from Netlify).

📈 We’ve hit the 1500+ beta user mark and have 350+ startup ideas on the platform, including this startup idea giveaway including the domain, logo and code.

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🎬 We added a bit more flavour to the Kernal logo. Should we mint an NFT for it?

🏆 Creator of the Week

Looking for great creators to follow? Same here. We’re launching a Creator of the Week feature to highlight the amazing projects you’re shipping.

This week’s shoutout goes to Damon Chen and his recent work building Testimonial.so. Check out his latest Kernal idea on using AI to generate personalized email.

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Your fresh 5 ideas of the week:

Journalism-As-A-Service (JaaS)

by Paul Burke

As distrust in the media is at an all-time high, driven by misaligned incentives, this idea is extremely compelling to me. Notorious Angel Investor… Read more

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Platform that connects people who do meal prep with families who’ll pay for it

by Alexis Grant

For families where both parents work full time, it’s incredibly helpful to outsource meal planning, grocery shopping and meal prepping… Read more

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NFT for tracking physical art

by Adrian Salamunovic

The problem with NFTs are they are not easy to “link” to physical objects. This would give living artists the ability to create tamperproof “stickers” that they… Read more

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Personal trainer, but for intellectual growth

by Ideas from Twitter

Idea: You identify what you want to learn and the trainer tells you what to read, who to follow, & assembles domain specific tutors & peers… Read more

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Glossier for Fitness

by Elaine Zelby

When Emily Weiss started her blog Into The Gloss in 2010, it began with interviews of celebrities and influential women discussing their beauty routines… Read more

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