🐻 3 Ways to Win in a Bear Market

🐻 3 Ways to Win in a Bear Market

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And we're pumped to have you here. In other top headlines: stocks are low, gas is high, Curry took the win and 18% of Coinbase staff is absolutely rattled. But not everyone is packing up their bags in this recession. No sir-y. Some people are hungry as ever. And we like to pride ourselves on building Kernal for that exact market. The builders that GSD when they've got an idea in their head. Enough of that TED Talk, let's roll out our red carpet plan for the day πŸ₯

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  • 🧸 How to win in a bear market
  • πŸ’‘ Startup ideas you'll wanna write home about
  • πŸ«– Β Spill the tea startup edition

I hope you brush your teeth with crest, b/c today's updates are one of our best πŸͺ₯

🧸 How to Win in a Bear Market

Bear markets aren't easy. Our palms are sweaty, our knees are weak and our arms are heavy. But don't think for a second we're throwing in the towel.

You see, bear markets can be ripe with opportunity. You just gotta look under the right rocks. Here's 3 ways you can score this bear market season:

  1. πŸ›  Upskill: Just b/c the markets are crap doesn't mean your learning has to stop. Use this time to deepen your range as a founder. Hire a coach, join a Maven class or grow your abilities. Showcasing how you've grown into your pitch is guaranteed to be a better ice breaker than complaining about the weather.
  2. πŸ’¬ Network: wallets might be tight, but calendars aren't. Capitalize while you can. Reach out to inspiring builders, ask compelling questions to angel investors in your niche, and build out interview content that puts you in the right room. Work at it now, so that in 12 months, you have a rock-solid pipeline of relationships other founders dream of. Psst, check out our member directory.
  3. ⚑️ Momentum: reputations are built over decades and lost in minutes. Our advice? Start building some street cred. Update your projects by building in public. If you have a case study, validated startup idea or MVP you've shipped, head to Kernal and toss it up. We'd love to feature it in our next newsletter.

Don't let the bear market get you down. Now's the time to grind, so in the next 6 months your startup shines. ✨

P.S. If the bear market has destroyed your public stocks portfolio, back some early-stage builders instead. Sign up to be an LP in our pre-seed fund and someone will reach out to walk you through our deck. Β 

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πŸš€ Startup Ideas to Sink Your Teeth Into

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Event of the Week

On June 22nd at 12pm PST, our community team is hosting a Q&A with Kernal Ambassador Milly Tamati. RSVP here to lock down your spot. 🍿

πŸ“° Founder News of the Week

Launch Alert: Alexis Grant from TheyGotAcquired announced that her team launched their first report this week! It features 21 companies that sold in 2021. Browse and download the report here πŸ”—
Move over Mr. Beast: Aishwarya Ashok is in town. And she just launched some killer Youtube clips of her Founder Foyer startup idea. Check out the video clips and drop a note on her progress update with your feedback πŸ’¬
Pre-Seed Round Closing: Mario Garcia shared that his team is about to close their pre-seed round with top-notch VC and angels. He's ex-paypal so I'd trust him. Drop a comment if you'd like to connect πŸ’Έ

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