👉🏽 New Feature Drop: Discussions (and more)

👉🏽 New Feature Drop: Discussions (and more)

You’ve been asking us for more ways to connect with other members, ask questions and share your learnings on Kernal — and now you can. All you have to do is keep reading 👇

🎉 New on Kernal: Discussions

  • 🤷‍♀️ What is it? A feed of recent activity, thoughts, and conversations happening on the platform
  • 🧐 Why is it helpful? Share learnings, inspire conversation, ask questions and connect with other members on Kernal
  • 👨‍🏫 How do I use it? Get a quick walkthrough or just dive right into the Discussions

A few early discussions to dive into:

Built a community from 0 - 1000, with 500+ on waitlist in 4 months. AMA. by Milly Tamati on Kernal
Hey friends! I’m Milly, founder of Generalist World. I first posted the idea back in June on Kernal, and it’s been a whirlwind since! We’ve grown into a *very* strong community with representation from 60+ countries around the world. I’ve collated some of my thoughts into this image, after learn…
On bootstrapping --> Thinking a lot about runway and getting over the hump to profitability. by Alexis Grant on Kernal
I’ve put what feels like a lot of my own money into my startup (haven’t shared this number publicly yet, but I’ll come back and update here if I do), and while it’s gaining traction and there are so many little wins, we aren’t yet profitable. In addition to pushing hard on revenue generators, I’ve…
Do you buy a domain for your project validation landing page? by Joel Rainwater on Kernal
If you create a landing page to gather interest and validate a new idea, do you go ahead and purchase the intended domain of the project? It adds additional steps and money before the idea is validated, but it secures your domain and makes the landing page seem more legitimate. Curious about your a…
I think ideas needs more care and help from Kernal as a platform by Ahmed Nadar on Kernal
Exited to write my first post on feed On ideas -> There are many wonderful ideas. Few got high votes. Others has some interest from kernal community to pay or use it. I noticed many of those highly voted haven’t executed. Maybe OP haven’t started yet, or don’t know what to do I think ideas needs m…
AI Video Creation by Blake Stewart on Kernal
Does anyone have experience here? I would love to hear your thoughts on the general topic and relate it to specific applications like content creation. For instance, I took this idea (https://kern.al/idea/live-video-sales-reps-for-shopify) and copied it verbatim into https://stableboost.ai/ and rec…

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🍭 More treats for your enjoyment

  • 🚩 You can now see how far startup ideas are progressing with the stage of development visible in the main feed. You can also filter results by stage too.
  • 🔍 Added search to the startups page
  • ➕ Added ability to follow users from the member directory
  • 👥 Added "My Groups" to profile menu to see and navigate to groups you have joined
  • 🔥 Added a Popular Discussions section to the For You page.
  • 🐛 Squashed some bugs and added some visual improvements

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